Example —ensample (Orig.)

This epistle writes S. Paul to be an example unto all bishops, what they should teach, and how they should govern the congregation of Christ in all degrees, that it should be no need to govern Christ’s flock with the doctrine of their own good meanings.

In the first Chapter, he commands that the bishop shall maintain the right faith and love, and resist false preachers which make the law and works equal with Christ and his Gospel. And he makes a short conclusion of all Christian learning, whereto the law serves and what the end thereof is, also what the gospel is, and sets himself for a comfortable example unto all sinners and troubled consciences.

Nor —ner (Orig.)

In the second he commands to pray for all degrees, and charges that the women shall not preach nor wear costly apparel, but to be obedient unto the men.

In the third he describes, what manner persons the bishop or priest and their wives should be, and also the deacons and their wives: and commends it, if any man desire to be a bishop after that manner.

In the fourth he prophesies and shews before of the false bishops and spiritual officers that should arise among the Christian people, and be, do and preach clean contrary to the fore described example, and should depart from the faith in Christ and forbid to marry and to eat certain meats, teaching to put trust therein, both of justifying and forgiveness of sins and also of deserving of eternal life.

In the fifth he teaches how a bishop should use himself toward young and old and concerning widows what is to be done, and which should be found of the common cost: and teaches also how men should honour the virtuous bishops and priests, and how to rebuke the evil.

In the sixth he exhorts the bishop to cleave to the gospel of Christ and true doctrine, and to avoid vain questions and superfluous disputings which gender strife and quench the truth, and by which also the false prophets get them authority and seek to satisfy their insatiable covetousness.




This pystle wryteth S. Paule to be an ensample vnto all bisshops, what they shuld teache, and how they shuld gouerne the congregacion of Christ in all degrees, that it shuld be no nede to gouerne Christes flocke with the doctrine of their awne good meaninges.

In the fyrst Chapter, he commaundeth that the bysshope shall mayntene the ryght fayth and loue, and resist false preachers which make the lawe and workes equall with Christ and his Gospell. And he maketh a shorte conclusion of all Christen learninge, wherto the lawe serueth and what the ende therof is, also what the gospell is, and setteth him selfe for a comfortable ensample vnto all synners and troubled consciences.

In the seconde he commaundeth to praye for all degrees, and chargeth that the wemen shall not preache ner were costlye apparell, but to be obedyent vnto the men.

In the thyrde he descrybeth, what maner persons the bysshope or preste and their wyues shuld be, and also the deacones and their wyues: and commendeth it, if anye man desyer to be a bysshope after that maner.

In the fourth he prophisieth and sheweth before of the false bysshopes and spirituall offycers that shuld aryse amonge the christen people, and be, do and preache cleane contrary to the fore descrybed ensample, and shuld departe from the fayth in Christ and forbyd to mary and to eate certen meates, teachynge to put trust therin, bothe of iustifienge and forgeuenes of synnes and also of deseruinge of eternall lyfe.

In the fyueth he teacheth how a bysshope shuld vse him selfe towarde younge and olde and concernynge widowes what is to be done, and which shuld be founde of the commen cost: and teacheth also how men shuld honoure the verteous bysshopes and prestes, and how to rebuke the euell.

In the sixte he exhorteth the Bisshope to cleaue to the gospell of Christ and true doctrine, and to auoyde vayne questions and superfluous disputynges which gender stryfe and quenche the truthe, and by which also the false prophetes get them auctorite and seke to satisfie their insaciable couetousnes.