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Tyndale for Today
William Tyndale’s Translation of the New Testament, the Pentateuch, & the Prophet Jonah
Edited for the Modern Reader by W. Reece, Mdiv.

Tyndale for Today is published as a reader’s edition. It is recommended to open one of the New Testament or Old Testament links and read the book through. In many aspects there is no better translation than Tyndale’s work.

The terms and the language that seem so archaic are actually classic literature. After getting used to reading them the old forms of writing are not inferior.

The New Testament
The Old Testament
the Prophet Jonah & the Old Testament Epistles
Articles & Short Stories
Biblical Study Resources

This effort is dedicated to my mentors: George MacDonald, Nathaniel Hawthorne, C.S. Lewis & William Tyndale (as well as many others who have given me inspiration.)

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