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48.001.001~braeyT bra alhyM aT_hemyM waT_harC:~In the beginning God created heaven and earth.
48.001.002~wharC hyTh Thw wbhw wHeK jl-pny ThwM wrwH alhyM mrHpT jl-pny hmyM:~The earth was void and empty, and darkness was upon the deep, and the Spirit of God moved upon the waters.
48.001.003~wyamr alhyM yhy awr wyhy-awr:~Then God said: let there be light and there was light.
48.001.004~wyra alhyM aT-hawr ky-twb wybdl alhyM byN hawr wbyN hHeK:~And God saw the light that it was good: & divided the light from the darkness,
48.001.005~wyqra alhyM lawr ywM wlHeK qra lylh wyhy-jrb wyhy-bqr ywM aHd:~and called the light day, and the darkness night: and so of the evening and morning was made the first day.
48.001.006~wyamr alhyM yhy rqyj bTwK hmyM wyhy_mbdyl byN myM lmyM:~And God said: let there be a firmament between the waters, and let it divide the waters asunder.
48.001.007~wyjE alhyM aT-hrqyj wybdl byN hmyM aer mTHT lrqyj wbyN hmyM aer mjl lrqyj wyhy-kN:~Then God made the firmament and parted the waters which were under the firmament, from the waters that were above the firmament: And it was so.
48.001.008~wyqra alhyM lrqyj emyM wyhy-jrb wyhy-bqr ywM eny:~And God called the firmament heaven, And so of the evening and morning was made the second day.
48.001.009~wyamr alhyM yqww hmyM mTHT hemyM al-mqwM aHd wTrah hybeh wyhy-kN:~And God said, let the waters that are under heaven gather themselves unto one place, that the dry land may appear: And it came so to pass.
48.001.010~wyqra alhyM lybeh arC wlmqwh hmyM qra ymyM wyra alhyM ky-twb:~And God called the dry land the earth and the gathering together of waters called he the sea, And God saw that it was good.
48.001.011~wyamr alhyM Tdea harC dea jEb mzryj_zrj jC pry jEh pry lmynw aer zrjw-bw jl-harC wyhy-kN:~And God said: let the earth bring forth herb and grass that sow seed, and fruitful trees that bear fruit every one in his kind, having their seed in themselves upon the earth. And it came so to pass:
48.001.012~wTwca harC dea jEb mzryj_zrj lmynhw wjC jEh pry aer zrjw-bw lmynhw wyra alhyM ky-twb:~and the earth brought forth herb and grass sowing seed every one in his kind & trees bearing fruit & having their seed in themselves, every one in his kind. And God saw that it was good:
48.001.013~wyhy-jrb wyhy-bqr ywM elyey:~and then of the evening and morning was made the third day.
48.001.014~wyamr alhyM yhy marT brqyj hemyM lhbdyl byN hywM wbyN hlylh whyw laTT wlmwjdyM wlymyM wenyM:~Then said God: let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night, that they may be unto signs, seasons, days & years.
48.001.015~whyw lmawrT brqyj hemyM lhayr jl harC wyhy-kN:~And let them be lights in the firmament of heaven, to shine upon the earth. & so it was.
48.001.016~wyjE alhyM aT-eny hmarT hgdlyM aT-hmawr hgdl lmmelT hywM waT-hmawr hqtN lmmelT hlylh waT hkwkbyM:~And God made two great lights; A greater light to rule the day, & a less light to rule the night, and he made stars also.
48.001.017~wyTN aTM alhyM brqyj hemyM lhayr jl-harC:~And God put them in the firmament of heaven to shine upon the earth,
48.001.018~wlmel bywM wblylh wlhbdyl byN hawr wbyN hHeK wyra alhyM ky-twb:~and to rule the day & the night, and to divide the light from darkness. And God saw that it was good:
48.001.019~wyhy-jrb wyhy-bqr ywM rbyjy:~and so of the evening and morning was made the fourth day.
48.001.020~wyamr alhyM yercw hmyM erC npe Hyh wjwP yjwpP jl-harC jl-pny rqyj hemyM:~And God said, let the water bring forth creatures that move & have life, & fowls to fly over the earth under the firmament of heaven.
48.001.021~wybra alhyM aT-hTnynM hgdlyM waT kl-npe hHyh hrmET aer ercw hmyM lmynhM waT kl-jwP_knP lmynhw wyra alhyM ky-twb:~And God created great whales and all manner of creatures that live and move, which the waters brought forth in their kinds, and all manner of feathered fowls in their kinds. And God saw that it was good:
48.001.022~wybrK aTM alhyM lamr prw wrbw wmlaw aT-hmyM bymyM whjwP yrb barC:~and God blessed them saying. Grow and multiply and fill the waters of the seas, & let the fowls multiply upon the earth.
48.001.023~wyhy-jrb wyhy-bqr ywM Hmyey:~And so of the evening & morning was made the fifth day.
48.001.024~wyamr alhyM Twca harC npe Hyh lmynh bhmh wrmE wHyTw-arC lmynh wyhy-kN:~And God said: let the earth bring forth living creatures in their kinds: cattle & worms & beasts of the earth in their kinds, & so it came to pass.
48.001.025~wyjE alhyM aT-HyT harC lmynh waT-hbhmh lmynh waT kl-rmE hadmh lmynhw wyra alhyM ky-twb:~And God made the beasts of the earth in their kinds, & cattle in their kinds, and all manner worms of the earth in their kinds: and God saw that it was good.
48.001.026~wyamr alhyM njEh adM bclmnw kdmwTnw wyrdw bdgT hyM wbjwP hemyM wbbhmh wbkl-harC wbkl-hrmE_hrmE jl-harC:~And God said: let us make man in our similitude and after our likeness: that he may have rule over the fish of the sea, and over the fowls of the air, and over cattle, and over all the earth, and over all worms that creep on the earth.
48.001.027~wybra alhyM aT-hadM bclMw bclM alhyM bra aTw zkr wnqbh bra aTM:~And God created man after his likeness, after the likeness of God created he him: male & female created he them.
48.001.028~wybrK aTM alhyM wyamr lhM alhyM prw wrbw wmlaw aT-harC wkbeh wrdw bdgT hyM wbjwP hemyM wbkl-Hyh hrmET jl-harC:~And God blessed them, and God said unto them. Grow and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowls of the air, and over all the beasts that move on the earth.
48.001.029~wyamr alhyM hnh nTTy lkM aT-kl-jEb zrj_zrj aer jl-pny kl-harC waT-kl-hjC aer-bw pry-jC zrj_zrj lkM yhyh laklh:~And God said: see, I have given you all herbs that sow seed which are on all the earth, and all manner trees that have fruit in them and sow seed: to be meat for you
48.001.030~wlkl-HyT harC wlkl-jwP hemyM wlkl rwmE jl-harC aer-bw npe Hyh aT-kl-yrq jEb laklh wyhy-kN:~& for all beasts of the earth, and unto all fowls of the air, and unto all that creepeth on the earth wherein is life, that they may have all manner herbs and grass to eat, and even so it was.
48.001.031~wyra alhyM aT-kl-aer jEh whnh-twb mad wyhy-jrb wyhy-bqr ywM heey:~And God beheld all that he had made, and lo they were exceeding good: and so of the evening and morning was made the sixth day.
48.002.001~wyklw hemyM wharC wkl-cbaM:~Thus was heaven & earth finished with all their apparel:
48.002.002~wykl alhyM bywM hebyjy mlakTw aer jEh wyebT bywM hebyjy mkl-mlakTw aer jEh:~and in the seventh day God ended his work which he had made & rested in the seventh day from all his works which he had made.
48.002.003~wybrK alhyM aT-ywM hebyjy wyqde aTw ky bw ebT mkl-mlakTw aer-bra alhyM ljEwT:~And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it, for in it he rested from all his works which he had created and made.
48.002.004~alh TwldwT hemyM wharC bhbraM bywM jEwT yhwh alhyM arC wemyM:~These are the generations of heaven & earth when they were created, in the time when the LORD God created heaven and earth
48.002.005~wkl EyH hEdh trM yhyh barC wkl-jEb hEdh trM ycmH ky la hmtyr yhwh alhyM jl-harC wadM ayN ljbd aT-hadmh:~and all the shrubs of the field before they were in the earth. And all the herbs of the field before they sprang: for the LORD God had yet sent no rain upon the earth, neither was there yet any man to till the earth.
48.002.006~wad yjlh mN-harC wheqh aT-kl-pny-hadmh:~But there arose a mist out of the ground and watered all the face of the earth:
48.002.007~wyycr yhwh alhyM aT-hadM jpr mN-hadmh wypH bapyw nemT HyyM wyhy hadM lnpe Hyh:~Then the LORD God shaped man, even of the mold of the earth and breathed into his face the breath of life. So man was made a living soul.
48.002.008~wytj yhwh alhyM gN-bjdN mqdM wyEM eM aT-hadM aer ycr:~The LORD God also planted a garden in Eden from the beginning, and there he set man whom he had formed.
48.002.009~wycmH yhwh alhyM mN-hadmh kl-jC nHmd lmrah wtwb lmakl wjC hHyyM bTwK hgN wjC hdjT twb wrj:~And the LORD God made to spring out of the earth, all manner trees beautiful to the sight and pleasant to eat, and the tree of life in the midst of the garden: and also the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
48.002.010~wnhr yca mjdN lheqwT aT-hgN wmeM yprd whyh larbjh raeyM:~And there sprung a river out of Eden to water the garden, and thence divided itself, and grew into four principal waters.
48.002.011~eM haHd pyewN hwa hsbb aT kl-arC hHwylh aer-eM hzhb:~The name of the one is Pison, he it is that compasses all the land of Havila, where gold grows.
48.002.012~wzhb harC hhwa twb eM hbdlH wabN hehM:~And the gold of that country is precious, there is found bdellium and a stone called Onyx.
48.002.013~weM-hnhr heny gyHwN hwa hswbb aT kl-arC kwe:~The name of the second river is Gihon, which compasses all the land of Inde.
48.002.014~weM hnhr helyey Hdql hwa hhlK qdmT aewr whnhr hrbyjy hwa prT:~And the name of the third river is Hiddekel, which runs on the east side of the Assyrians. And the fourth river is Euphrates.
48.002.015~wyqH yhwh alhyM aT-hadM wynHhw bgN-jdN ljbdh wlemrh:~And the LORD God took Adam and put him in the garden of Eden, to dress it and to keep it:
48.002.016~wycw yhwh alhyM jl-hadM lamr mkl jC-hgN akl_Takl:~and the LORD God commanded Adam saying: of all the trees of the garden see thou eat.
48.002.017~wmjC hdjT twb wrj la Takl mmnw ky bywM aklK mmnw mwT_TmwT:~But of the tree of knowledge of good and bad see that thou eat not: for even the same day you eat of it, you shall surely die.
48.002.018~wyamr yhwh alhyM la-twb hywT hadM lbdw ajEh-lw jzr kngdw:~And the LORD God said: it is not good that man should be alone, I will make him an helper to bear him company:
48.002.019~wycr yhwh alhyM mN-hadmh kl-HyT hEdh waT kl-jwP hemyM wyba al-hadM lrawT mh-yqra-lw wkl aer yqra-lw hadM npe Hyh hwa emw:~And after that the LORD God had made of the earth all manner beasts of the field, and all manner fowls of the air, he brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them. And as Adam called all manner living beasts: even so are their names.
48.002.020~wyqra hadM emwT lkl-hbhmh wljwP hemyM wlkl HyT hEdh wladM la-mca jzr kngdw:~And Adam gave names unto all manner cattle, and unto the fowls of the air, and unto all manner beasts of the field. But there was no help found unto Adam to bear him company.
48.002.021~wypl yhwh alhyM Trdmh jl-hadM wyyeN wyqH aHT mcljTyw wysgr bEr THTnh:~Then the LORD God cast a slumber on Adam, and he slept. And then he took out one of his ribs, and instead thereof he filled up the place with flesh.
48.002.022~wybN yhwh alhyM aT-hclj aer-lqH mN-hadM laeh wybah al-hadM:~And the LORD God made of the rib which he took out of Adam, a woman and brought her unto Adam.
48.002.023~wyamr hadM zaT hpjM jcM_mjcmy wbEr_mbEry lzaT yqra aeh ky maye lqHh-zaT:~Then said Adam this is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh. This shall be called woman: because she was taken of the man.
48.002.024~jl-kN yjzb-aye aT-abyw waT-amw wdbq baeTw whyw lbEr aHd:~For this cause shall a man leave father and mother & cleave unto his wife, & they shall be one flesh.
48.002.025~wyhyw enyhM jrwmyM hadM waeTw wla yTbeew:~And they were either of them naked, both Adam and his wife, and were not ashamed:
48.003.001~whnHe hyh jrwM mkl HyT hEdh aer jEh yhwh alhyM wyamr al-haeh aP ky-amr alhyM la Taklw mkl jC hgN:~But the serpent was subtler than all the beasts of the field which the LORD God had made, and said to the woman. Ah sure, that God has said, you shall not eat of all manner trees in the garden.
48.003.002~wTamr haeh al-hnHe mpry jC-hgN nakl:~And the woman said to the serpent, of the fruit of the trees in the garden we may eat,
48.003.003~wmpry hjC aer bTwK-hgN amr alhyM la Taklw mmnw wla Tgjw bw pN-TmTwN:~but of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden (said God) see that you eat not, and see that you touch it not: lest you die.
48.003.004~wyamr hnHe al-haeh la-mwT TmTwN:~Then said the serpent to the woman: Tush! you shall not die:
48.003.005~ky ydj alhyM ky bywM aklkM mmnw wnpqHw jynykM whyyTM kalhyM ydjy twb wrj:~But God does know, that whensoever you should eat of it, your eyes should be opened and you should be as God and know both good and evil.
48.003.006~wTra haeh ky twb hjC lmakl wky Tawh-hwa ljynyM wnHmd hjC lhEkyl wTqH mpryw wTakl wTTN gM-layeh jmh wyakl:~And the woman saw that it was a good tree to eat of and lusty unto the eyes and a pleasant tree to make wise. And took of the fruit of it and ate, and gave to her husband also with her, and he ate.
48.003.007~wTpqHnh jyny enyhM wydjw ky jyrmM hM wyTprw jlh Tanh wyjEw lhM hgrT:~And the eyes of both of them were opened, that they understood how that they were naked. Then they sowed fig leaves together and made them aprons.
48.003.008~wyemjw aT-qwl yhwh alhyM mThlK bgN lrwH hywM wyTHba hadM waeTw mpny yhwh alhyM bTwK jC hgN:~And they heard the voice of the LORD God as he walked in the garden in the cool of the day. And Adam hid himself and his wife also from the face of the LORD God, among the trees of the garden.
48.003.009~wyqra yhwh alhyM al-hadM wyamr lw aykh:~And the LORD God called Adam and said unto him where art thou?
48.003.010~wyamr aT-qlK emjTy bgN wayra ky-jyrM anky waHba:~And he answered: Your voice I heard in the garden, but I was afraid because I was naked, and therefore hid myself.
48.003.011~wyamr my hgyd lK ky jyrM aTh hmN-hjC aer cwyTyK lblTy akl-mmnw aklT:~And he said: who told you that you were naked? have you eaten of the tree, of which I bade thee that you should not eat?
48.003.012~wyamr hadM haeh aer nTTh jmdy hwa_nTnh-ly mN-hjC wakl:~And Adam answered: The woman which you gave to bear me company she took me of the tree, and I ate.
48.003.013~wyamr yhwh alhyM laeh mh-zaT jEyT wTamr haeh hnHe heyany wakl:~And the LORD God said to the woman: wherefore didst thou so? And the woman answered, the serpent deceived me and I ate.
48.003.014~wyamr yhwh alhyM al-hnHe ky jEyT zaT arwr aTh mkl-hbhmh wmkl hyT hEdh jl-gHnK TlK wjpr Takl kl-ymy HyyK:~And the LORD God said unto the serpent because thou hast so done most cursed be thou of all cattle and of all beasts of the field: upon your belly shall you go: and earth shall you eat all days of your life.
48.003.015~waybh aeyT bynK wbyN haeh wbyN zrjK wbyN zrjh hwa yewpK rae waTh Tewpnw jqb:~Moreover I will put hatred between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. And that seed shall tread you on the head, and you shall tread it on the heel.
48.003.016~al-haeh amr hrbh_arbh jcbwnK whrnK bjcb Tldy bnyM wal-ayeK TewqTK whwa ymel-bK:~And unto the woman he said: I will surely increase your sorrow and make thee oft with child, and with pain shall you be delivered: And your lusts shall pertain unto your husband and he shall rule thee.
48.003.017~wladM amr ky emjT lqwl aeTK wTakl_mN-hjC aer cwyTyK lamr la Takl mmnw arwrh hadmh bjbwrK bjcbwN Taklnh kl ymy HyyK:~And unto Adam he said: Forasmuch as you have obeyed the voice of your wife, and hast eaten of the tree of which I commanded you saying: see thou eat not thereof: cursed be the earth for your sake. In sorrow shall you eat thereof all days of your life,
48.003.018~wqwC wdrdr TcmyH lK waklT aT-jEb hEdh:~And it shall bear thorns and thistles unto you. And you shall eat the herbs of the field:
48.003.019~bzjT apyK Takl lHM jd ewbK al-hadmh ky mmnh lqHT ky-jpr aTh wal-jpr Tewb:~In the sweat of your face shall you eat bread, until you return unto the earth whence you were taken: for earth thou art, and unto earth shalt thou return.
48.003.020~wyqra hadM eM_aeTw Hwh ky hwa_hyTh aM kl-Hy:~And Adam called his wife Eve, because she was the mother of all that lives.
48.003.021~wyjE yhwh alhyM ladM wlaeTw kTnwT jwr wylbeM:~And the LORD God made Adam and his wife garments of skins, and put them on them.
48.003.022~wyamr yhwh alhyM hN hadM hyh kaHd_mmnw ldjT twb wrj wjTh pN-yelH ydw wlqH gM mjC hHyyM wakl_wHy ljlM:~And the LORD God said: lo, Adam is become as it were one of us, in knowledge of good and evil. But now lest he stretch forth his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat and live ever.
48.003.023~wyelHhw yhwh alhyM mgN-jdN ljbd aT-hadmh aer lqH meM:~And the LORD God cast him out of the Garden of Eden, to till the earth whence he was taken.
48.003.024~wygre aT-hadM wyekN mqdM lgN-jdN aT-hkrbyM waT lht hHrb hmThpkT lemr aT-drK jC hHyyM:~And he cast Adam out, and set at the entering of the garden Eden, Cherubim with a naked sword moving in and out, to keep the way to the tree of life.
49.016.016~zh hdbr aer cwh yhwh lqtw mmnw aye lpny aklw jmr lglglT mspr npeTykM aye laer bahlw TqHw:~This is the thing which the Lord hath commanded, that you gather every man enough for him to eat: a gomer full for a man according to the number of you, and gather every man for them which are in his tent.
49.023.003~wdl la Thdr brybw:~neither shall you paint a poor man’s cause.
51.011.001~wyhy hjM kmTannyM rj bazny yhwh wyemj yhwh wyHr apw wTbjr-bM ae yhwh wTakl bqch hmHnh:~And the people waxed unpatient, and it displeased the ears of the Lord. And when the Lord heard it he was wroth, and the fire of the Lord burnt among them and consumed the uttermost of the host.
54.013.001~wyspw bny yEral ljEwT hrj bjyny yhwh wyTnM yhwh byd pleTyM arbjyM enh:~And the children of Israel began again to commit wickedness in the sight of the Lord. And the Lord delivered them into the hands of the Philistines forty year.
54.013.002~wyhy aye aHd mcrjh mmepHT hdny wemw mnwH waeTw jqrh wla yldh:~And there was a man in Zorah of the kindred of the Danites, named Manoah, whose wife was barren & bare not.
54.013.003~wyra mlaK yhwh al haeh wyamr alyh hnh na aT jqrh wla yldT whryT wyldT bN:~And the angel of the Lord appeared unto his wife & said unto her: Behold, thou art barren & bearest not: But thou shalt conceive & bear a son.
54.013.004~wjTh hemry na wal TeTy yyN wekr wal Takly kl tma:~And now beware and drink no wine nor strong drink; neither eat any unclean thing:
54.013.005~ky hnK hrh wyldT bN wmwrh la yjlh jl raew ky nzyr alhyM yhyh hnjr mN hbtN whwa yHl lhweyj aT yEral myd pleTyM:~for see, thou shalt conceive & bear a son. And there may no razor or scissors come on his head: for the lad shall be an abstainer unto God, even from the time of his birth. And he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hands of the Philistines.
54.013.006~wTba haeh wTamr layeh lamr aye halhyM ba aly wmrahw kmrah mlaK halhyM nwra mad wla ealTyhw ay mzh hwa waT emw la hgyd ly:~Then the wife went & told her husband saying: A man of God came unto me; and the fashion of him was like the fashion of an angel of God exceeding fearful. But I asked him not whence he was, neither told he me his name.
54.013.007~wyamr ly hnK hrh wyldT bN wjTh al TeTy yyN wekr wal Takly kl tmah ky nzyr alhyM yhyh hnjr mN hbtN jd ywM mwTw:~And he said unto me: Behold thou shalt be with child and bear a son; and now drink no wine nor strong drink; neither eat any unclean thing: for the lad shall be an abstainer to God even from his birth to the day of his death.
54.013.008~wyjTr mnwH al yhwh wyamr by adwny aye halhyM aer elHT ybwa na jwd alynw wywrnw mh njEh lnjr hywld:~Then Manoah made intercession to the Lord and said: I pray thee my Lord let the man of God which thou sendest come once more unto us & teach us what we shall do unto the lad—when he is born.
54.013.009~wyemj halhyM bqwl mnwH wyba mlaK halhyM jwd al haeh whya ywebT bEdh wmnwH ayeh ayN jmh:~And God heard the voice of Manoah & the angel of God came again unto the wife as she sat in the fields: But Manoah her husband was not with her.
55.019.018~wdwd brH wymlt wyba al-emwal hrmTh wygd-lw aT kl-aer jEh-lw eawl wylK hwa wemwal wyebw bnwyT:~Now David fled, and escaped, and came to Samuel to Ramah, and told him all that Saul had done to him. And he and Samuel went and dwelt in Naioth.
55.019.019~wygd leawl lamr hnh dwd bnwyT brmhwygdw leawl wyelH mlakyM aHryM wyTnbaw gM-hmh wysP eawl wyelH mlakyM eleyM wyTnbaw gM-hmh:~And it was told Saul, saying, Behold, David is at Naioth in Ramah.And when it was told Saul, he sent other messengers, and they also prophesied. And Saul sent messengers again the third time, and they also prophesied.
55.019.020~wyelH eawl mlakyM lqHT aT-dwd wyra aT-lhqT hnbyayM nbayM wemwal jmd ncb jlyhM wThy jl-mlaky eawl rwH alhyM wyTnbaw gM-hmh:~And Saul sent messengers to take David: and when they saw the company of the prophets prophesying, and Samuel standing as head over them, the Spirit of God came upon the messengers of Saul, and they also prophesied.
58.013.018~wamrT kh-amr adny yhwh hwy lmTprwT ksTwT jl kl-acyly ydy wjEwT hmspHwT jl-rae kl-qwmh lcwdd npewT hnpewT Tcwddnh ljmy wnpewT lknh THyynh:~and say: Thus saith the Lord God: Woe be unto you that sow pillows under all arm holes, and bolsters under the heads both of young and old, to catch souls withal. For when ye have gotten the souls of my people in your captivity, ye promise them life,
58.023.001~wyhy dbr-yhwh aly lamr:~The word of the LORD came again unto me, saying,
58.023.002~bN-adM eTyM neyM bnwT aM-aHT hyw:~Son of man, there were two women, the daughters of one mother:
58.023.003~wTznynh bmcryM bnjwryhN znw emh mjkw edyhN weM jEw ddy bTwlyhN:~and they played the harlot in Egypt; they played the harlot in their youth; there were their breasts pressed, and there was handled the bosom of their virginity.
58.023.004~wemwTN ahlh hgdwlh wahlybh aHwTh wThyynh ly wTldnh bnyM wbnwT wemwTN emrwN ahlh wyrwelM ahlybh:~And the names of them were Oholah the elder, and Oholibah her sister: and they became mine, and they bare sons and daughters. And as for their names, Samaria is Oholah, and Jerusalem Oholibah.
58.023.005~wTzN ahlh THTy wTjgb jl-mahbyh al-aewr qrwbyM:~And Oholah played the harlot when she was mine; and she doted on her lovers, on the Assyrians [her] neighbors,
58.023.006~lbey TklT pHwT wsgnyM bHwry Hmd klM preyM rkby swsyM:~who were clothed with blue, governors and rulers, all of them desirable young men, horsemen riding upon horses.
58.023.007~wTTN TznwTyh jlyhM mbHr bny-aewr klM wbkl aer-jgbh bkl-glwlyhM ntmah:~And she bestowed her whoredoms upon them, the choicest men of Assyria all of them; and on whomsoever she doted, with all their idols she defiled herself.
58.023.008~waT-TznwTyh mmcryM la jzbh ky awTh ekbw bnjwryh whmh jEw ddy bTwlyh wyepkw TznwTM jlyh:~Neither hath she left her whoredoms since [the days of] Egypt; for in her youth they lay with her, and they handled the bosom of her virginity; and they poured out their whoredom upon her.
58.023.009~lkN nTTyh byd-mahbyh byd bny aewr aer jgbh jlyhM:~Wherefore I delivered her into the hand of her lovers, into the hand of the Assyrians, upon whom she doted.
58.023.010~hmh glw jrwTh bnyh wbnwTyh lqHw wawTh bHrb hrgw wThy-eM lneyM wepwtyM jEw bh:~These uncovered her nakedness; they took her sons and her daughters; and her they slew with the sword: and she became a byword among women; for they executed judgments upon her.
58.027.020~ddN rklTK bbgdy-Hpe lrkbh:~Dedan occupied with thee, in fair tapestry work & cushions.
58.039.009~wycaw yeby jry yEral wbjrw whEyqw bneq wmgN wcnh bqeT wbHcyM wbmql_yd wbrmH wbjrw bhM ae ebj enyM:~(GB) And they that dwell in the cities of Israel shall go forth, and shall burn and set fire upon the weapons, and on the shields, and bucklers, upon the bows, and upon the arrows, and upon the staves in their hands, and upon the spears, and they shall burn them with fire seven years.
59.001.003~wyamr hmlK laepnz rb srysyw lhbya mbny yEral wmzrj hmlwkh wmN-hprTmyM:~And the king spoke unto Asphanaz the chief chamberlain, that he should bring him certain of the children of Israel that were come of the king's seed & of princes
59.001.004~yldyM aer ayN-bhM kl-mawM wtwby mrah wmEkylyM bkl-Hkmh wydjy djT wmbyny mdj waer kH bhM ljmd bhykl hmlK wllmdM spr wlewN kEdyM.~young springaldes without any blemish, fair & well favored, instruct in all wisdom, cunning and understanding: which were able to stand in the king's palace, to read and to learn for to speak Caldeish.
59.002.001~wbenT eTyM lmlkwT nbkdgcr HlM nbkdncr HlmwT wTTpjM rwHw wenTw nhyTh jlyw:~IN THE SECOND year of the reign of Nabuchodonosor, had Nabuchodonosor a dream, where through his spirit was vexed, and his sleep brake from him.
59.002.005~jnh mlka wamr lkEdya mlTa mny azda hN la Thwdjwnny Hlma wperh hdmyN TTjbdwN wbTykwN nwly yTEmwN:~The king gave the Chaldees their answer, & said: It is gone from me: If ye will not make me understand the dream with the interpretation thereof, ye shall die & your houses shall be prysed.
74.001.001~wyhy bymy ept heptyM wyhy rjb barC wylK aye mbyT_lHM yhwdh lgwr bEdy mwab hwa waeTw weny bnyw:~And it came to pass in the days when the judges judged, that there was a famine in the land. And a certain man of Bethlehem-Judah went to sojourn in the country of Moab, he, and his wife, and his two sons.
74.001.002~weM haye alymlK weM aeTw njmy weM eny-bnyw mHlwN wklywN aprTyM mbyT_lHM yhwdh wybaw Edy-mwab wyhyw-eM:~And the name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife Naomi, and the name of his two sons Mahlon and Chilion, Ephrathites of Bethlehem-judah. And they came into the country of Moab, and continued there.
74.001.003~wymT alymlK aye njmy wTear hya weny bnyh:~And Elimelech, Naomi’s husband, died; and she was left, and her two sons.
74.001.004~wyEaw lhM neyM mabywT eM haHT jrph weM henyT rwT wyebw eM kjEr enyM:~And they took them wives of the women of Moab; the name of the one was Orpah, and the name of the other Ruth: and they dwelt there about ten years.
74.001.005~wymwTw gM-enyhM mHlwN wklywN wTear haeh meny yldyh wmayeh:~And Mahlon and Chilion died both of them; and the woman was left of her two children and of her husband.
74.001.006~wTqM hya wklTyh wTeb mEdy mwab ky emjh bEdh_mwab ky-pqd yhwh aT-jmw lTT lhM lHM:~Then she arose with her daughters-in-law, that she might return from the country of Moab: for she had heard in the country of Moab how that Jehovah had visited his people in giving them bread.
74.001.007~wTca mN-hmqwM aer hyTh-emh weTy klTyh jmh wTlknh bdrK lewb al-arC yhwdh:~And she went forth out of the place where she was, and her two daughters-in-law with her; and they went on the way to return unto the land of Judah.
74.001.008~wTamr njmy leTy klTyh lknh ebnh aeh lbyT amh yjEh yhwh jmkM Hsd kaer jEyTM jM-hmTyM wjmdy:~And Naomi said unto her two daughters-in-law, Go, return each of you to her mother's house: the LORD deal kindly with you, as you have dealt with the dead, and with me.
74.001.009~yTN yhwh lkM wmcaN mnwHh aeh byT ayeh wTeq lhN wTEanh qwlN wTbkynh:~Jehovah grant you that ye may find rest, each of you in the house of her husband. Then she kissed them, and they lifted up their voice, and wept.
74.001.010~wTamrnh-lh ky-aTK newb ljmK:~And they said unto her, Nay, but we will return with thee unto thy people.
74.001.011~wTamr njmy ebnh bnTy lmh Tlknh jmy hjwd-ly bnyM bmjy whyw lkM laneyM:~And Naomi said, Turn again, my daughters: why will you go with me? have I yet sons in my womb, that they may be your husbands?
74.001.012~ebnh bnTy lkN ky zqnTy mhywT laye ky amrTy ye-ly Tqwh gM hyyTy hlylh laye wgM yldTy bnyM:~Turn again, my daughters, go your way; for I am too old to have a husband. If I should say, I have hope, if I should even have a husband to-night, and should also bear sons;
74.001.013~hlhN TEbrnh jd aer ygdlw hlhN Tjgnh lblTy hywT laye al_bnTy ky-mr-ly mad mkM ky-ycah_by yd-yhwh:~would you therefore tarry till they were grown? would you therefore stay from having husbands? nay, my daughters, for it grieves me much for your sakes, for the hand of the LORD is gone forth against me.
74.001.014~wTEnh qwlN wTbkynh jwd wTeq jrph lHmwTh wrwT dbqh bh:~And they lifted up their voice, and wept again: and Orpah kissed her mother-in-law, but Ruth clave unto her.
74.001.015~wTamr hnh ebh ybmTK al-jmh wal-alhyh ewby aHry ybmTK:~And she said, Behold, thy sister-in-law is gone back unto her people, and unto her god: return thou after thy sister-in-law.
74.001.016~wTamr rwT al-Tpgjy-by ljzbK lewb maHryK ky al-aer Tlky alK wbaer Tlyny alyN jmK_jmy walhyK alhy:~And Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave you, and to return from following after you, for whither you go, I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God;
74.001.017~baer TmwTy amwT weM_aqbr kh yjEh yhwh ly wkh ysyP ky hmwT ypryd byny wbynK:~where you die, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me, and more also, if aught but death part you and me.
74.001.018~wTra ky-mTamcT hya llkT_aTh wTHdl ldbr alyh:~And when she saw that she was stedfastly minded to go with her, she left off speaking unto her.
74.001.019~wTlknh eTyhM jd-banh byT_lHM wyhy kbanh byT_lHM wThM kl-hjyr jlyhN wTamrnh hzaT njmy:~So they two went until they came to Bethlehem. And it came to pass, when they were come to Bethlehem, that all the city was moved about them, and [the women] said, Is this Naomi?
74.001.020~wTamr alyhN al-Tqranh ly njmy qraN ly mra ky-hmr edy ly mad:~And she said to them, Call me not Naomi, call me Mara; for the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me.
74.001.021~any mlah hlkTy wryqM heybny yhwh lmh Tqranh ly njmy wyhwh jnh_by wedy hrj ly:~I went out full, and the LORD has brought me home again empty; why call ye me Naomi, seeing the LORD has testified against me, and the Almighty has afflicted me?
74.001.022~wTeb njmy wrwT hmwabyh klTh jmh hebh mEdy mwab whmh baw byT_lHM bTHlT qcyr EjryM:~So Naomi returned, and Ruth the Moabitess, her daughter-in-law, with her, who returned out of the country of Moab: and they came to Bethlehem in the beginning of barley harvest.
74.002.001~wlnjmy mydj layeh aye gbwr Hyl mmepHT alymlK wemw bjz:~And Naomi had a kinsman of her husband’s, a mighty man of wealth, of the family of Elimelech, and his name was Boaz.
74.002.002~wTamr rwT hmwabyj al-njmy alkh-na hEdh walqth beblyM aHr aer amca-HN bjynyw wTamr lh lky bTy:~And Ruth the Moabitess said unto Naomi, Let me now go to the field, and glean among the ears of grain after him in whose sight I shall find favor. And she said unto her, Go, my daughter.
74.002.003~wTlK wTbwa wTlqt bEdh aHry hqcryM wyqr mqrh HlqT hEdh lbjz aer mmepHT alymlK:~So she went. She came and gleaned in the field behind the reapers. As it happened, she came to the part of the field belonging to Boaz, who was of the family of Elimelech.
74.002.004~whnh-bjz ba mbyT_lHM wyamr lqwcryM yhwh jmkM wyamrw lw ybrkK yhwh:~Just then Boaz came from Bethlehem. He said to the reapers, “The Lord be with you.” They answered, “The Lord Bless you.”
74.002.005~wyamr bjz lnjrw hncb jl-hqwcryM lmy hnjrh hzaT:~Then Boaz said to his servant who was in charge of the reapers, “To whom does this young woman belong?”
74.002.006~wyjN hnjr hncb jl-hqwcryM wyamr njrh mwabyh hya hebh jM-njmy mEdh mwab:~And the servant that was set over the reapers answered and said, It is the Moabitish damsel that came back with Naomi out of the country of Moab:
74.002.007~wTamr alqth-na waspTy bjmryM aHry hqwcryM wTbwa wTjmwd maz hbqr wjd-jTh zh ebTh hbyT mjt:~And she said, Let me glean, I pray you, and gather after the reapers among the sheaves. So she came, and has continued even from the morning until now, save that she tarried a little in the house.
74.002.008~wyamr bjz al-rwT hlwa emjT bTy al-Tlky llqt bEdh_aHr wgM la Tjbwry mzh wkh TdbqyN jM-njrTy:~Then said Boaz unto Ruth, Hear you not, my daughter? Go not to glean in another field, neither pass from hence, but abide here fast by my maidens.
74.002.009~jynyK bEdh aer-yqcrwN whlkT aHryhN hlwa cwyTy aT-hnjryM lblTy ngjK wcmT whlkT al-hklyM weTyT maer yeabwN hnjryM:~Let your eyes be on the field that they are reaping, and go you after them: have I not charged the young men that they shall not touch you? and when you are athirst, go unto the vessels, and drink of that which the young men have drawn.
74.002.010~wTpl jl-pnyh wTeTHw arch wTamr alyw mdwj mcaTy HN bjynyK lhkyrny wanky nkryh:~Then she fell on her face, and bowed herself to the ground, and said to him, Why have I found favor in your sight, that you should take knowledge of me, seeing I am a foreigner?
74.002.011~wyjN bjz wyamr lh hgd_hgd ly kl aer-jEyT aT-HmwTK aHry mwT ayeK wTjzby abyK wamK warC mwldTK wTlky al-jM aer la-ydjT Tmwl elewM:~And Boaz answered and said to her, It has fully been showed me, all that you have done unto your mother-in-law since the death of your husband; and how you have left your father and your mother, and the land of your nativity, and are come unto a people that you knew not heretofore.
74.002.012~yelM yhwh pjlK wThy mEkrTK elmh mjM yhwh alhy_yEral aer-baT lHswT THT-knpyw:~The LORD recompense your work, and a full reward be given you of the LORD, the God of Israel, under whose wings you are come to take refuge.
74.002.013~wTamr amca-HN bjynyK adny ky nHmTny wky dbrT jl-lb epHTK wanky la ahyh kaHT epHTyK:~Then she said, Let me find favor in your sight, my lord, for you have comforted me, and because that you have spoken kindly to your handmaid, though I be not as one of your handmaidens.
74.002.014~wyamr lh bjz ljT hakl gey hlM waklT mN-hlHM wtblT pTK bHmC wTeb mcd hqcryM wycbt-lh qly wTakl wTEbj wTTr:~And at meal-time Boaz said to her, Come hither, and eat of the bread, and dip your morsel in the vinegar. And she sat beside the reapers, and they reached her parched grain, and she ate, and was sufficed, and left thereof.
74.002.015~wTqM llqt wycw bjz aT-njryw lamr gM byN hjmryM Tlqt wla Tklymwh:~And when she was risen up to glean, Boaz commanded his young men, saying, Let her glean even among the sheaves, and reproach her not.
74.002.016~wgM el-Telw lh mN-hcbTyM wjzbTM wlqth wla Tgjrw-bh:~And also pull out some for her from the bundles, and leave it, and let her glean, and rebuke her not.
74.002.017~wTlqt bEdh jd-hjrb wTHbt aT_aer-lqth wyhy kayph EjryM:~So she gleaned in the field until even; and she beat out that which she had gleaned, and it was about an ephah of barley.
74.002.018~wTEa wTbwa hjyr wTra HmwTh aT_aer-lqth wTwca wTTN-lh aT_aer-hwTrh mEbjh:~And she took it up, and went into the city; and her mother-in-law saw what she had gleaned: and she brought forth and gave to her that which she had left after she was sufficed.
74.002.019~wTamr lh HmwTh ayph lqtT hywM wanh jEyT yhy mkyrK brwK wTgd lHmwTh aT_aer-jETh jmw wTamr eM haye aer jEyTy jmw hywM bjz:~And her mother-in-law said to her, Where hast thou gleaned to-day? and where hast thou wrought? blessed be he that took knowledge of thee. And she showed her mother-in-law with whom she had wrought, and said, The man’s name with whom I wrought to-day is Boaz.
74.002.020~wTamr njmy lklTh brwK hwa lyhwh aer la-jzb Hsdw aT-hHyyM waT-hmTyM wTamr lh njmy qrwb lnw haye mgalnw hwa:~And Naomi said unto her daughter-in-law, Blessed be he of Jehovah, who hath not left off his kindness to the living and to the dead. And Naomi said unto her, The man is nigh of kin unto us, one of our near kinsmen.
74.002.021~wTamr rwT hmwabyh gM ky-amr aly jM-hnjryM aer-ly TdbqyN jd aM-klw aT_kl-hqcyr aer-ly:~And Ruth the Moabitess said, Yea, he said to me, You shall keep fast by my young men, until they have ended all my harvest.
74.002.022~wTamr njmy al-rwT klTh twb bTy ky Tcay jM-njrwTyw wla ypgjw-bK bEdh aHr:~And Naomi said to Ruth her daughter-in-law, It is good, my daughter, that you go out with his maidens, and that they meet you not in any other field.
74.002.023~wTdbq bnjrwT bjz llqt jd-klwT qcyr-hEjryM wqcyr hHtyM wTeb_aT-HmwTh:~So she kept fast by the maidens of Boaz, to glean unto the end of barley harvest and of wheat harvest; and she dwelt with her mother-in-law.
74.003.001~wTamr lh njmy HmwTh bTy hla abqe-lK mnwH aer yytb-lK:~And Naomi her mother-in-law said to her, My daughter, shall I not seek rest for you, that it may be well with you?
74.003.002~wjTh hla bjz mdjTnw aer hyyT aT-njrwTyw hnh-hwa zrh aT-grN hEjryM hlylh:~And now is not Boaz our kinsman, with whose maidens you were? Behold, he winnows barley to-night in the threshing-floor.
74.003.003~wrHcT wskT wEmT EmlTK jlyK wyrdTy hgrN al-Twdjy laye jd klTw lakl wleTwT:~Wash yourself therefore, and anoint you, and put your raiment upon you, and get you down to the threshing-floor, but make not yourself known unto the man, until he shall have done eating and drinking.
74.003.004~wyhy bekbw wydjT aT-hmqwM aer yekb-eM wbaT wglyT mrglTyw wekbTy whwa ygyd lK aT aer TjEyN:~And it shall be, when he lies down, that you shall mark the place where he shall lie, and you shall go in, and uncover his feet, and lay thee down; and he will tell you what you shall do.
74.003.005~wTamr alyh kl aer-Tamry ajEh:~And she said to her, All that you say I will do.
74.003.006~wTrd hgrN wTjE kkl aer-cwTh HmwTh:~And she went down unto the threshing-floor, and did according to all that her mother-in-law bade her.
74.003.007~wyakl bjz wyeT wyytb lbw wyba lekb bqch hjrmh wTba blt wTgl mrglTyw wTekb:~And when Boaz had eaten and drunk, and his heart was merry, he went to lie down at the end of the heap of grain: and she came softly, and uncovered his feet, and laid her down.
74.003.008~wyhy bHcy hlylh wyHrd haye wylpT whnh aeh ekbT mrglTyw:~And it came to pass at midnight, that the man was afraid, and turned himself; and, behold, a woman lay at his feet.
74.003.009~wyamr my-aT wTamr anky rwT amTK wprET knpK jl-amTK ky gal aTh:~And he said, Who are you? And she answered, I am Ruth your handmaid: spread therefore your skirt over your handmaid; for you are a near kinsman.
74.003.010~wyamr brwkh aT lyhwh bTy hytbT HsdK haHrwN mN-hraewN lblTy-lkT aHry hbHwryM aM-dl waM-jeyr:~And he said, Blessed be you of the LORD, my daughter: you have showed more kindness in the latter end than at the beginning, inasmuch as you followed not young men, whether poor or rich.
74.003.011~wjTh bTy al-Tyray kl aer-Tamry ajEh-lK ky ywdj kl-ejr jmy ky aeT Hyl aT:~And now, my daughter, fear not; I will do to you all that you say; for all the city of my people knows that you are a worthy woman.
74.003.012~wjTh ky amnM ky aM_gal anky wgM ye gal qrwb mmny:~And now it is true that I am a near kinsman; howbeit there is a kinsman nearer than I.
74.003.013~lyny hlylh whyh bbqr aM-ygalK twb ygal waM-la yHpC lgalK wgalTyK anky Hy-yhwh ekby jd-hbqr:~Tarry this night, and it shall be in the morning, that if he will perform unto you the part of a kinsman, well; let him do the kinsman’s part: but if he will not do the part of a kinsman to you, then will I do the part of a kinsman to you, as the LORD lives: lie down until the morning.
74.003.014~wTekb mrglTw jd-hbqr wTqM btrwM ykyr aye aT-rjhw wyamr al-ywdj ky-bah haeh hgrN:~And she lay at his feet until the morning. And she rose up before one could discern another. For he said, Let it not be known that the woman came to the threshing-floor.
74.003.015~wyamr hby hmtpHT aer-jlyK waHzy-bh wTaHz bh wymd ee-EjryM wyeT_jlyh wyba hjyr:~And he said, Bring the mantle that is upon thee, and hold it; and she held it; and he measured six [measures] of barley, and laid it on her: and he went into the city.
74.003.016~wTbwa al-HmwTh wTamr my-aT bTy wTgd-lh aT kl-aer jEh-lh haye:~And when she came to her mother-in-law, she said, Who art thou, my daughter? And she told her all that the man had done to her.
74.003.017~wTamr ee-hEjryM halh nTN ly ky amr al-Tbway ryqM al-HmwTK:~And she said, These six measures of barley gave he me; for he said, Go not empty unto thy mother-in-law.
74.003.018~wTamr eby bTy jd aer TdjyN ayK ypl dbr ky la yeqt haye ky-aM-klh hdbr hywM:~Then said she, Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall; for the man will not rest, until he have finished the thing this day.
74.004.001~wbjz jlh hejr wyeb eM whnh hgal jbr aer dbr-bjz wyamr swrh ebh-ph plny almny wysr wyeb:~Now Boaz went up to the gate, and sat him down there: and, behold, the near kinsman of whom Boaz spake came by; unto whom he said, Ho, such a one! turn aside, sit down here. And he turned aside, and sat down.
74.004.002~wyqH jErh aneyM mzqny hjyr wyamr ebw-ph wyebw:~And he took ten men of the elders of the city, and said, Sit ye down here. And they sat down.
74.004.003~wyamr lgal HlqT hEdh aer laHynw lalymlK mkrh njmy hebh mEdh mwab:~And he said unto the near kinsman, Naomi, that is come again out of the country of Moab, selleth the parcel of land, which was our brother Elimelech’s:
74.004.004~wany amrTy aglh aznK lamr qnh ngd hyebyM wngd zqny_jmy aM-Tgal gal waM-la ygal hgydh ly wadj ky ayN zwlTK lgawl wanky aHryK wyamr anky agal:~And I thought to disclose it unto thee, saying, Buy it before them that sit here, and before the elders of my people. If thou wilt redeem it, redeem it: but if thou wilt not redeem it, then tell me, that I may know; for there is none to redeem it besides thee; and I am after thee. And he said, I will redeem it.
74.004.005~wyamr bjz bywM-qnwTK hEdh myd njmy wmaT rwT hmwabyh aeT-hmT qnyTy lhqyM eM-hmT jl-nHlTw:~Then said Boaz, What day thou buyest the field of the hand of Naomi, thou must buy it also of Ruth the Moabitess, the wife of the dead, to raise up the name of the dead upon his inheritance.
74.004.006~wyamr hgal la awkl lgawl-ly pN-aeHyT aT-nHlTy gal-lK aTh aT-galTy ky la-awkl lgal:~And the near kinsman said, I cannot redeem it for myself, lest I mar mine own inheritance: take thou my right of redemption on thee; for I cannot redeem it.
74.004.007~wzaT lpnyM byEral jl-hgawlh wjl-hTmwrh lqyM kl-dbr elP aye njlw wnTN lrjhw wzaT hTjwdh byEral:~Now this was the custom in former time in Israel concerning redeeming and concerning exchanging, to confirm all things: a man drew off his shoe, and gave it to his neighbor; and this was the manner of attestation in Israel.
74.004.008~wyamr hgal lbjz qnh-lK wyelP njlw:~So the near kinsman said unto Boaz, Buy it for thyself. And he drew off his shoe.
74.004.009~wyamr bjz lzqnyM wkl-hjM jdyM aTM hywM ky qnyTy aT-kl-aer lalymlK waT kl-aer lklywN wmHlwN myd njmy:~And Boaz said unto the elders, and unto all the people, Ye are witnesses this day, that I have bought all that was Elimelech's, and all that was Chilion's and Mahlon's, of the hand of Naomi.
74.004.010~wgM aT-rwT hmabyh aeT mHlwN qnyTy ly laeh lhqyM eM-hmT jl-nHlTw wla-ykrT eM-hmT mjM aHyw wmejr mqwmw jdyM aTM hywM:~Moreover Ruth the Moabitess, the wife of Mahlon, have I purchased to be my wife, to raise up the name of the dead upon his inheritance, that the name of the dead be not cut off from among his brethren, and from the gate of his place: ye are witnesses this day.
74.004.011~wyamrw kl-hjM aer-bejr whzqnyM jdyM yTN yhwh aT-haeh hbah al-byTK krHl wklah aer bnw eTyhM aT-byT yEral wjEh-Hyl baprTh wqra-eM bbyT_lHM:~And all the people that were in the gate, and the elders, said, We are witnesses. Jehovah make the woman that is come into thy house like Rachel and like Leah, which two did build the house of Israel: and do thou worthily in Ephrathah, and be famous in Bethlehem:
74.004.012~wyhw byTK kbyT prC aer-yldh Tmr lyhwdh mN-hzrj aer yTN yhwh lK mN-hnjrh_hzaT:~And let your house be as the house of Phares, whom Thamar bore to Juda, of the seed which the Lord shall give you of this handmaid.
74.004.013~wyqH bjz aT-rwT wThy-lw laeh wyba alyh wyTN yhwh lh hrywN wTld_bN:~And Boaz took Ruth, and she became his wife, and he went in to her; and the Lord gave her conception, and she bore a son.
74.004.014~wTamrnh hneyM al-njmy brwK yhwh aer la hebyT lK gal hywM wyqra emw byEral:~And the women said to Naomi, Blessed is the Lord, who has not suffered a redeemer to fail you this day, even to make your name famous in Israel.
74.004.015~whyh lK lmeyb npe wlklkl aT-EybTK ky klTK aer-ahbTK yldTw aer-hya twbh lK mebjh bnyM:~And he shall be to thee a restorer of thy soul, and one to cherish your old age; for your daughter-in-law which has loved you, who is better to you than seven sons, has born him.
74.004.016~wTqH njmy aT-hyld wTeThw bHyqh wThy-lw lamnT:~And Naomi took the child, and laid it in her bosom, and became nurse unto it.
74.004.017~wTqranh lw heknwT eM lamr yld-bN lnjmy wTqranh emw jwbd hwa aby-yey aby dwd:~And the women her neighbors gave it a name, saying, There is a son born to Naomi; and they called his name Obed: he is the father of Jesse, the father of David.
74.004.018~walh TwldwT prC prC hwlyd aT-HcrwN:~Now these are the generations of Perez: Perez begat Hezron,
74.004.019~wHcrwN hwlyd aT-rM wrM hwlyd aT-jmyndb:~and Hezron begat Ram, and Ram begat Amminadab,
74.004.020~wjmyndb hwlyd aT-nHewN wnHewN hwlyd aT-Elmh:~and Amminadab begat Nahshon, and Nahshon begat Salmon,
74.004.021~wElmwN hwlyd aT-bjz wbjz hwlyd aT-jwbd:~and Salmon begat Boaz, and Boaz begat Obed,
74.004.022~wjbd hwlyd aT-yey wyey hwlyd aT-dwd:~and Obed begat Jesse, and Jesse begat David.
75.001.001~HzwN yejyhw bN-amwC aer Hzh jl-yhwdh wyrwelM bymy jzyhw ywTM aHz yHzqyhw mlky yhwdh:~The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem, in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.
75.001.002~emjw emyM whazyny arC ky yhwh dbr bnyM gdlTy wrwmmTy whM pejw by:~Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth; for Jehovah hath spoken: I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.
75.001.003~ydj ewr qnhw wHmwr abws bjlyw yEral la ydj jmy la hTbwnN:~The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib; [but] Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider.
75.066.024~wycaw wraw bpgry haneyM hpejyM_by ky TwljTM la TmwT waeM la Tkbh whyw drawN lkl-bEr:~And they shall go forth, and look upon the dead bodies of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.
76.025.010~whabdTy mhM qwl EEwN wqwl EmHh qwl HTN wqwl klh qwl rHyM wawr nr:~Moreover, I will take from them the voice of gladness and solace, the voice of the bridegroom & the bride, the voice of the anointed, with the cresshettes:
Edy-mwab~961, 555~nm. id. pl. cstr. +, n. pr. gent. et terr.~the land of Moab~mwab
EjryM~972~n. (usu. pl.)~barley (common grain)~Ejr
EmlTK~971~n. + pr. sf. 1 f.s.~the mantle of you--wrapper, mantle~Eml
EyH~967~n. m.s. cstr.~bush, shrub, plant of~EyH
HN~336~n. m.~favour, grace~HnN
Hdql~293~n. pr. fl.~Tigris (the famous Assyr. river)~Hdq
HlqT~324~n. f. cstr.~a portion of (ground)~Hlq
Hmd~826~n. m.~desirable~Hmd
HmwTh~327~n. f. only sf, pr. sf. 3 f.s.~her husband's mother~Hmh
Hmyey~332~n. adj. num. ord.~fifth~Hme
HsdK~338~n. m. + sf. 2 f.s.~kindness of you~Hsd
Hsdw~338~n. m.s. + pr. sf.~kindness of him~Hsd
Hsd~338~n. m.s. abs.~kindness~Hsd
Hwh~295~n. pr. f.~Eve;--life~Hwh
Hy-yhwh~217, 311~n. pr. dei. + adj.~living Yahweh--fountain of life~yhwh
HyT~312~n. f. cstr. + def. obj.~unclean beast of~Hyh
Hyh~312~n. f. abs~living thing, animal~Hyh
Hyl~298~n. m. abs.~strength, wealth, efficiency, army~Hwl
HyyK~312~n. f.s. + pr. suff. 2 m.s.~the life of you~Hyh
HyyM~313~n. abstract emph.~life~Hyh
Hzh~302~Qal Pf.~he saw~Hzh
HzwN~302~n. m. cstr.~(the) vision of~Hzh
TEbrnh~960~Piel Impf. 2 will really wait~Ebr
THT-knpyw~489, 1065~n. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + prep.~under the wings of him~knP
THTnh~1065~prep. cstr. + pr. suff. 3 f.s.~instead of, in place of (in a transferred sense.--lit., in the parts underneath)~THT
THTy~1065~prep. cstr. + sf.~being UNDER ME = being mine (fig. of Israel as Yahweh's spouse), cf. Rom 7.2~THT
Taklnh~37~Qal Impf. 2 m.s. + pr. suff. 3 f.s.~you will eat~akl
Taklw~37~Qal Impf. 2 will eat~akl
Takly~~Impf. 2 f.s.~you will eat~akl
Takl~37~Qal Impf. 2 m.s.~you will eat~akl
Tanh~1061~n. f.~fig tree~Tanh
Tawh-hwa~16, 214~n. f. cstr. + n. m.s.~it (was) desireable~Tawh
Tcay~422~Qal Impf. 2 f.s.~you go out~yca
TcmyH~855~Hiph. Impf. 3 f.s.~it will cause to grow~cmH
TdbqyN~179~Qal Impf. 2 f.s.~you will remain with, close to~dbq
Tdea~206~Hiph. Impf. 3 f.s.~she will cause to sprout or shoot forth~dea
TdjyN~393~Qal Impf. 2 f.s. (+ pr. sf. 3 will know (them)~ydj
TeTy~1059~Qal Impf. 2 f.s.~you drink~eTh
Tewb~996~Qal Impf. 2 m.s.~you will return~ewb
Tewpnw~1003~Qal Impf. 2 m.s. + sf. 3 m.s.~you will bruise of him~ewP
TewqTK~1003~n. f. + pr. suff. 2 f.s.~your longing--(will be) must be understood when taken as a noun~ewq
Tgjrw-bh~172~Qal Impf. 2 + prep. + pr. sf. 3 f.s.~you will rebuke for her~gjr
Tgjw~619~A. vb. Qal Impf. 2 will touch~ngj
Thdr~213~Qal Impf. 2 m.s.~honour, pay honour to: in a good sense (honour Lv. 19.32); in a bad sense (of partiality, favouritism Lv 19.15, Ex 23.3)~hdr
ThwM~1062~n. f. et m. abs.~(the) deep~ThwM
Thw~1062~n. m.~formless~Thw
TjEyN~793~Qal short Impf. 2 f.s.~you will do~jEh
Tjbwry~717~Qal Impf. 2 f.s.~you proceed--Pass on, go on, proceed unto~jbr
Tjgnh~723~Niph. Impf. 2 shut yourselves off~jgN
Tkbh~459~Qal Impf. 3 f.s.~be quenched, extinguished~kbh
TklT~1067~n. f.~purple wool. violet stuff, fabric;~TklT
Tklymwh~484~Hiph. Impf. 2 + pr. sf. 3 f.s.~they will humiliate her~klM
TlK~229~Hiph. Impf. 2 m.s.~you will go~hlK
Tldy~408~Qal Impf. 2 f.s.~you will bear~yld
Tlknh~230~Qal Impf. 2 will go~hlK
Tlky~229~Qal Impf. 2 f.s.~you will go~hlK
Tlqt~544~Piel Impf. 3 f.s.~she will glean~lqt
Tlyny~533~Qal Impf. 2 f.s.~you will lodge~lwN
TmTwN~560~Pual Impf. 2 will surely die~mwT
Tmr~1071~n. pr. f.~Tamar~Tmr
TmwTy~559~Qal Impf. 2 f.s.~you will die~mwT
TmwT~559~Qal Impf. 2 m.s.~you will die~mwT
Tmwl~1070~subst., used sts. as adv. acc.~yesterday, fig. recently, formerly--in combin. (yesterday (and) the third day, to express the idea of formerly: thus as adv. acc.~Tmwl
Tqranh~895~Qal Impf. 2 call~qra
Tqwh~876~n. f. abs.~hope--from verb form meaning wait for (prob. orig. twist, stretch, then of tension of enduring, waiting.)~qwh
Trdmh~922~n. f.s. abs.~deep sleep (usu. by supernat. agency)~rdM
Twca~424~Hiph. Impf. juss~let it bring forth = produce, generate, bring into being (earth as producing)~yca
TwldwT~410~n. cstr.~generations of--lit. begettings of heaven & earth, i.e. account of heaven and earth and that which proceeded from them (esp. in geneologies = account of man and his descendants)~yld
TwljTM~1069~n. f. cstr.; sf.~worm of them--devouring the dead (Is 14.11, 66.24)~Tlj
TznwTM~276~n. f. abstr. + sf.~fornication of them (These are all international mingled with religious references.)~znh
TznwTyh~276~n. f. abstr.~fornication (in Ezekiel these terms are all international mingled with religious references.)~znh
aHT~25~adj. num. f. abs.~one~aHd
aHd~25~adj. num.~one~aHd
aHryK~30~prep. + sf.~after you~aHr
aHryhN~30~prep. pl. only cstr. + pr. sf. 3 them~aHr
aHry~30~pl. cstr. prep.~after~aHr
aHr~29~prep.; also, adj.; also, prop. subst.~(prep.) after, behind; (adj.) another, Ru. 2.22; (prop. subst.) the hinder or following part~aHr
aHwTh~27~n. f. cstr. sf.~her sister~aHwT
aHyw~26~n. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s.~brothers of him~aHh (he hath grasped)~aHz
aM-Tgal~145, 49~Qal Impf. 2 m.s. + hypoth. part.~if you will redeem~gal
aM-aHT~51, 25~n. f. + adj.num.~one mother~aM
aM-dl~49, 195~hypoth. Part.; + adj.~whether reduced, poor (opp. rich)~dll
aM-klw~478, 49~Piel Pf. 3 p. + conj.~until they have really completed, finished~klh
aM-ygalK~145, 49~Qal Inf. cstr. + sf. 2 f.s. + hypoth. part.~if redeeming you~gal
aM_gal~145, 49~Qal Pt. + hypoth. part.~though a kinsman~gal
aM~51~n. f.s. constr.~mother of~amM
aP~65~conj., exclamation~ah, sure~aP
aT-Elmh~969~n. pr. m.; + D.O.~Salmon~Eml
aT-EybTK~966~n. f.s. cstr. + sf. 2 f.s.; + D.O.~old age of you~Eyb
aT-HcrwN~348~n. pr. m. + mark of the accusative~Hezron--son of Peres and grandson of Judah~Hcr
aT-HmwTK~327, 85~n. f. + pr. sf. + prep.~with your husband's mother~Hmh
aT-HmwTh~327~n. f. only sf. + pr. sf. 3 f.s. + prep.~with the mother-in-law of her (lit. her husband's mother)~Hmh
aT-HyT~312~n. f. cstr. + D.O.~animal, as a living thing, being: unclean beast~Hyh
aT-abyw~3~n. m.s. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + D.O.~the father of him~abh
aT-bjz~126~n. pr. m.; + D.O.~Boaz~bjz
aT-byT~108~n. m.; + D.O.~house of~byT
aT-drK~202~n. m.s. + mark of the accusative~the way of~drK
aT-dwd~187~n. pr. m.; + D.O.~David (beloved one?)~dwd
aT-eny~1041~adj. num. ord. + D.O.~two~enh
aT-galTy~145~n. f.s. cstr. + pr. sf.; + D.O.~right of redemption of me~gal
aT-grN~175~n. m.s. abs. + prep.~at (the) threshing floor~grN
aT-hHyyM~331~n. abstract emph. + def. art. + prep.~to the living~Hyh
aT-hTnynM~1072~nm. abs. pl. + art. + D.O.~the sea - (or river - ) monster~TnN
aT-hadM~9~n. m.s. + art. + D.O.~I. the man, II. Adam~adM
aT-hadmh~9~n. f.s. abs. + art. + D.O.~the ground~adM
aT-haeh~61~n. f.s. + def. art.; + D.O.~the wife, woman~aeh
aT-harC~75~n. f.s. + art. + D.O.~the earth~arC
aT-hawr~21~nm. abs. + def. art. + D.O.~the light~awr
aT-hclj~854~n. f. abs. + art. + D.O.~the rib, side~clj
aT-hgN~171~n. m.s. abs. + art. + D.O.~the garden~gN
aT-hkrbyM~500~n. + def. art. + mark of the accusative~the cherubim~krwb
aT-hmawr~22~nm. s. abs. + art. + D.O.~the luminary~awr
aT-hmqwM~879~n. m. abs + def. art.; + D.O.~the place--standing-place, place~qwM
aT-hmyM~565~nm. p. + art. + D.O.~the waters~my
aT-hnjryM~654~n. abs. + def. art. + D.O.~the lads~njr
aT-hrqyj~956~nm. s. abs. + def. art. + D.O.~the firmament~rqj
aT-hyld~409~n. m.s. abs. + def. art.; + D.O.~the son~yld
aT-jEb~793~n. m.s. cstr. + mark of the accus.~herbage of (carries idea of collective)~jEb
aT-jmw~766~n. m. cstr. + sf. 3 m.s. + mark of the accusative~the people of him~jmM
aT-jmyndb~770~n. pr. m.; + D.O.~Aminadab (my kinsman is noble)~jmM
aT-jwbd~714~n. pr. m.; + D.O.~Obed--worshipper~jbd
aT-kl-aer~81~Pt. of relation + n. m. cstr.; + D.O.~all that~aer
aT-kl-jEb~793~n. m.s. abs. + n. m.; + D.O.~all herb, herbage~jEb
aT-kl-pny-hadmh~9, 815~n. f.s. abs. + art. + n. cstr. + n. m. + D.O.~all the faces of the earth~adM
aT-kl-yrq~438~n. m.s. cstr. + n. m. cstr. + D.O.~all leafage of~yrq
aT-nHewN~638~n. pr. m. + mark of the accusative~Nahashon —son of Aminadab, of Judah, brother-in-law of Aaron~nHe
aT-nHlTy~635~n. f.s. cstr. + pr. sf. 1 c.s.; + D.O.~the inheritance of me~nHl
aT-njrwTyw~655~n. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + prep.~with the maids of him~njr
aT-njryw~654~n. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + sign of the accusative~the lads of him~njr
aT-qlK~84, 876~n. m.s. constr. + pron sf. 2 m.s.; + D.O.~the sound of you~qwl
aT-qwl~84, 876~n. m.s. constr.; + D.O.~(the) sound of~qwl
aT-rM~928~n. pr. m. + mark of the accusative~Ram--an ancestor of David~rwM
aT-rjhw~946~n. m. + pr. sf. 3 m.s.; + D.O.~the fellow of him~rjh
aT-rwT~946, 947~n. pr. f. + mark of the accusative~Ruth~rwT
aT-yey~445~n. pr. m.; + D.O.~Jesse~yey
aT-ywM~398~n. m.s. + mark of the accusative~day~ywM
aTM~~sign of D.O. + pron. suff~them; also, you (2 m. pl.)~aT
aT_aer-hwTrh~451, 81~Hiph. Pf. 3 f.s. + Pt. of relation; also, mark of accusative~which she caused to remain over--the left over~yTr
aT_aer-jETh~793~Qal Pf. 3 f.s. + Pt. of relation; also, mark of accusative~what she did~jEh
aT_aer-lqth~544, 81, 84~Piel Pf. 3 f.s. + Pt. of relation; also, mark of the accusative~that which she really gleaned~lqt + def. art. + sign of the D.O.~the heavens, sky~emh
aT_kl-hqcyr~894, 481~n. m.s. + def. art. + n. m.; also, mark of the accusative~all of the harvest~qcr
aTh~61~pr. 2 m.s.~you~aTh
aTw~~pers pr. object 3 m.s.~him / it~aT
aT~~sign of the D.O.; also, pers. pr. 2 f.s.~not translated (as sign of the D.O.); you (as pers. pr.)~aT
abqe-lK~134~Piel Impf. 1 c.s. cstr. + prep. + pr. sf. 1 f.s.~I really will seek for you--seek to find~bqe
abws~7~n. m.~crib (= feeding-trough)~abs
aby-yey~445, 3~n. pr. m. + n. m.~the father of Jesse (father of David)~yey
abyK~3~n. m. + sf.~the father of you~abh
aby~3~n. m.s. cstr.~father of~abh
adM~9~n. m.s.~man~adM
adny~10~n. m. + sf.~my lord~adN
adwny~~n. m.~Lord~adN
aeT-hmT~61, 559~n. f.s. cstr.; + n. + def. art.~the wife of the dead~ane
aeTK~61~n. f.s. + pr. suff. 2 m.s.~the wife of you~aeh
aeTw~61~n. f.s. + sf. 3 m.s.~the wife of him~aeh
aeT~61~n. f.s. cstr.~woman of--cstr. bef. noun of quality~ane
aeh~61~n. f.s.~woman, wife, female~ane
aer-Tamry~55~Qal Impf. 2 f.s. + Pt. of relation~that you say~amr
aer-ahbTK~12, 81~Qal Pf. 3 f.s. + pr. sf. 2 f.s. + Pt. of relation~who she loved you~ahb
aer-baT~97, 81~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + Pt. of relation~which you came~bwa
aer-bejr~1044, 81~n. m. + prep. + Pt. of relation~which in the gate~ejr
aer-bra~135~Qal Pf. 3. m.s. + Pt. of relation~which he created~bra
aer-bw~81~Pt. of relation + prep. + pr. suff.~that in them~aer
aer-cwTh~845~Pi. Pf. 3 f.s. + Pt. of relation~that she really commanded~cwh
aer-eM~1027~adv. + Pt. of relation cstr.~which there~eM
aer-hya~81~Pt. of rel.; + pers. pr. 3 f.s.~who she~aer
aer-jEyT~794, 81~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + Pt. of relation~which you did~jEh
aer-jgbh~81, 721~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.; + Pt. of relation~whom she lusted (--lust after, only in fig. of relations of /Samaria and Jerus. (personif.) with foreigners, so c. acc. Ez 23.7)~jgb
aer-jlyK~752, 81~prep. + sf. 2 f.s.; + Pt. of relation~which upon you~jl
aer-lqH~542, 81~Qal Pf. 3 m.s. + Pt. of relation cstr.~which he took~lqH
aer-ly~81~Pt. of relation + prep. + sf.~which (is) to me--mine own~aer
aer-yldh~408, 81~Qal Pf. 3 f.s. + Pt. of relation~which she bore~yld
aer-yqcrwN~81, 894~Pt. of rel. cstr. + vb. Qal Impf. 3 mp.~that they will reap~qcr
aer~81~Pt. of relation~which, that, whence~aer
aewr~78~n. pr. gent. & terr.~land of Assyria~aeh
aeyT~1011~Qal Impf. 1 c.s.~I will put (idea of permanence)~eyT
ae~77~n. f.~fire~ae
agal~145~Qal Impf. 1 c.s.~I will redeem~gal
aglh~162~Qal Impf. 1 c.s.~I will uncover~glh (she who has a tent, tent-woman,--i.e. worshipper at tent-shrine) of Samaria, adulteress with Assyria~ahl (tent in her) of Jerusalem as adulterous wife of Yahweh.~ahl
ahyh~224~Qal Impf. 1 c.s.~I will be~hyh
ajEh-lK~793~Qal 1 c.s. + rep. + sf. 2 f.s.~I will do for you~jEh
ajEh-lw~793~Qal Impf. 1 c.s. + prep. + pr. suff. 3 m.s.~I will make for him~jEh
ajEh~793~Qal Impf. 1 c.s.~(Gn 2.18) I will make; (Ru. 3.5) I will do~jEh
akl-mmnw~38, 577~Qal Inf. constr. + prep. + suff.~to eat from it~akl
aklK~37~Qal Inf. cstr. + pr. sf. 2 m.s.~(the) eating of you~akl
aklT~37~Qal Pf. 2 m.s.~you ate~akl
akl_Takl~37~Qal Inf. abs.; and, Qal Impf. 2 m.s.~eating you will eat~akl
aklkM~37~Qal Inf. const. + sf.~the eating of you (your eating)~akl
akl~37~Qal Inf. abs.~eating~akl
al-HmwTK~327~n. f. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.; + Prep.~unto your husband's mother~Hmh
al-HmwTh~327, 39~n. f. + pr. sf. 3 f.s.; + prep.~unto her husband's mother~Hmh
al-Tbway~97~Qal Impf. 2 f.s. + adv. of negation~not you will go~bwa
al-Tlky~229~Qal Impf. 2 f.s. + neg.~not you go~hlK
al-Tpgjy-by~803~Qal Impf. 2 f.s.; + adv. of negation; + prep. + sf.~not you entreat me~pgj
al-Tqranh~895~Qal Impf. 2; + adv. of negation~not you will call me~qra
al-Twdjy~394~Niph. Impf. 2 f.s. + adv. of negation~not you will make yourself known~ydj
al-Tyray~431~Qal Impf. 2 f.s.; + neg.~not you will fear~yra
al-aer~81~Pt. of relation + prep.~unto where~aer & terr. + prep.~unto Asshur, Assyria~aewr
al-arC~75~n. f. + prep.~unto the land of~arC
al-byTK~108~n. m. + sf. + prep.~unto the house of you~byT
al-hadM~9~n. m.s. + art. + prep.~to Adam~adM
al-hadmh~9~n. f.s. + def. art. + prep.~unto the land~adM
al-haeh~61~A. n. f.s. + art. + prep.~unto the woman~aeh
al-hklyM~479~n. abs. + def. art. + prep.~unto the articles, utensils, vessels~kly
al-hnHe~638~n. m.s. + art. + prep.~to the serpent~nHe
al-jM~766~n. m. + prep.~unto a people~jmM
al-jmh~766~n. m. + pr. sf. 3 f.s.; + prep.~unto the people of her~jmM
al-mqwM~879~nm. abs. + prep.~unto a place~qwM
al-njmy~654~pr. n. f.; + prep.~unto Naomi~njM
al-rwT~946~n. pr. f. + prep.~unto Ruth~rwT
al-ywdj~394~Niph. Impf. 3 m.s.; + adv. of negation~not he will make himself known~ydj
alK~229~Qal Impf. 1 c. s.~I will go~hlK
al_bnTy~123, 39~n. cstr. + pr. sf. 1 c. s.; following, adv.~nay, my daughters~bT
alhyM~44~prop n. mp.~Elohim~alhyM
alhy_yEral~43, 975~n. cstr. +, n. pr. m. et. gent.~the God of Israel~alh
alhy~43~n. + pr. sf. 1 c. s.~the God of me~alh
alh~~demonstr. adj. c.~these~zh
alkh-na~230, 609~Hiph. 1 c.s. cstr.; + Pt. of entreaty or exhortation~I will go I pray~hlK
almny~48~adj.~some one, a certain = such-a-one, so and so~alM
alqth-na~544, 609~Piel Impf. 1 c.s. cstr. + Pt. of entreaty or exhortation~I will glean, I pray~lqt
alyN~533~Qal Impf. 1 c. s.~I will lodge~lwN
alyhN~~prep. + pr. sf.~unto them~al
alyh~~prep. + sf.~unto her~al
alymlK~45~pr. n. m.~Elemelek (to whom God is king)~alymlK
alynw~~prep. + sf.~unto us~al
alyw~~prep. + pr. sf. 3 m.s.~unto him~al
aly~~prep. + sf.~unto me~al
amTK~51~n. f. cstr. + sf. 2 m.s.~the maidservant of you--fig. in address, referring to speaker, in token of humility~amh
amca-HN~592, 336~Qal Impf. 1 c.s. cstr.; + n. m.~I will find favour, grace~mca
amh~51~n. f. cstr. + sf. 3 f.s.~the mother of her~amM
amnM~58~adv.~verily, truly--in asseverations~amN
amrTy~55~Qal Pf. 1 c. s.~I say~amr
amr~55~verb Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~he said~amr
amwT~559~Qal Impf. 1 c. s.~I will die~mwT
anky~59~pers. pr. 1 c.s.~I~any
any~58~pron. 1 s. comm.~I~any
aprTyM~68~n. (an Ephrathite, or Bethlehemite. id., a name of Bethlehem. cmp. Ephraim, 2nd son of Joseph)~apr
apw~60~n. m. + sf.~his anger~anP
apyK~60~n. m.s. + pr. suff. 2 m.s.~your face~anP
arC~75~n. f.s.~earth~arC
arbjyM~917~n. pl. indecl.~forty~rbj
arch~76~n. f.s. loc. (seld.) m.~ground (surface of ground)~arC
arwrh~76~Qal Pass. Pt. f.s.~being cursed (Pt. used as a noun)~arr
arwr~76~Qal pass. part~being cursed (are)~arr
awTh~85~prep. + sf.~with her~aT
awkl~407~Qal Impf. 1 c.s.~I will be able~ykl
awr~21~n. m. abs.~light~awr
ayK~32~Interrog.~How?--in an indirect sentence~ayK
ayN~34~subst.~prop. nothing, nought~ayN
ayeK~35~n. m.s. + sf.~the husband of you~aye
ayeh~35~n. m.s. cstr. + sf.~the husband of her~aye
aye~35~n. m.s. abs.~a man~aye
aykh~32~Interrog. adv. + pron. suff. 2 m.s.~where are you?~ay
ayph~33~adv.~where? (from   `ay   and   `pH  --here)~ay
ay~33~adv.~where? or whither~ayN
aznK~23~n. f.s. cstr. + pr. sf. 2 m.s. (never + article)~the ear of you--open ears of, reveal to~azN
bEdh_aHr~961, 29~n. m. + prep. + adj.~in a field another~Edh
bEdh_mwab~961, 555~n. m. id. pl. cstr. + prep. + n. pr. gent. et. terr.~in the land of Moab~mwab
bEdh~961~n. abs. + prep. + def. art.~in the field~Edh
bEdy~961~n. m. id. pl. cstr. + prep.~the land of~Edh
bEr~142~n. m.s. abs.~flesh~bEr
bHcy~345~n. m. cstr. + prep. + def. art.~midnight, the middle of--half~Hch
bHmC~330~n. m. + prep. + def. art.~in the vinegar--a common condiment, forbidden to Nazarite, Nu. 6.3, offered (in cruelty) to a thirsty man, Ps. 69.22~HmC
bHrb~352~n. f. + prep.~with sword~Hrb
bHwry~104~n. cstr.~young men of~bHwr
bHyqh~300~n. m.s. cstr. + sf. 3 f.s. + prep.~into the bosom of her--carry in bosom~Hwq
bN-adM~119, 9~n. m. cstr. + n. m.s.~son of man;--human being~adM
bN-amwC~119, 55~n. m.s. cstr.; + of Amoz--father of Isaiah ( = following)~amC
bN~~n. m.s. abs.~a son~bN
bTHlT~321~n. f. cstr.~in the beginning of~THlh
bTwK-hgN~1063, 171~subst. + prep. +, n. m. + def. art.~in the midst of the garden~gN
bTwK~1063~subst. cstr. + prep.~in (the) midst of~TwK
bTwlyhN~144~n. f.; abstr. sf.~their virginity~bTwlh
bTwlyh~144~n. abstr. + sf.~virginity of her~bTl
bTy~123~n. f. + sf.~daughter of me~bN
baeTw~61~n. f.s. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + prep.~to the woman, wife of him~aeh
baer~81~sign of relation + prep.~in the where--connecting link (where...and there)~aer
baprTh~68~n. pr. + prep.~id., a name of Bethlehem--in Ephrath~apr
bapyw~60~n. m. cstr. + pr. suff 3 m.s. + def. art. + prep.~in the nostril of him--as organ of breathing~anP
barC~75~n. f.s. abs. + def. art. + prep.~in the earth~arC
baw~97~Qal Pf. 3 pl.~they entered~bwa
bazny~23~n. f. du. cstr. + prep.~in the ears of~azN
ba~97~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~he came~bwa
bbqr~133~n. m.s. (alw. abs) + prep.~in the morning~bqr
bbyT_lHM~111~n. pr. loc. cstr. + prep.~in Bethlehem~byT
bclMw~853~n. m. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + prep.~in image of him~clM
bclM~853~n. m. cstr.+ prep.~in image of~clM
bclmnw~853~n. m. cstr. + pr. sf. (1 image of us (something cut out)~clM
bdgT~185~n. f. cstr. + prep.~over fish (fish of the sea)~dgh
bdrK~202~n. m. abs. + prep.~in the way~drK
beblyM~987~n. abs. + prep. + def. art.~in the ear (of grain)~ebl
bekbw~1012~Qal Inf. abs. + sf. 3 m.s. + prep.~in the lying down of him~ekb
bgN-jdN~726~n. m.s. + n. m.s. cstr. + prep.~in garden of Eden~jdN
bgN~171~n. m.s. cstr. + prep.~in (the) garden of~gN
bhbraM~135~Hiph. Inf. + pr. sf. 3 + prep.~in making them~bra
bhmh~96~n. f. abs.~beast, animal, cattle~bhM
bh~~prep. + sf. f.s.~to her~b
bjbwrK~721~n. m.s. + prep.; or, prep. + prep. + pr. suff.~for thy sake~jbr
bjcbwN~781~n. m.s. + prep.~in toil (of it)~jcb
bjcb~780~n. m. + prep.~in pain, hurt, toil~jcb
bjdN~726~n. m.s. + prep.~in Eden~jdN
bjlyw~127~n. m. + sf.~owner~bjl
bjmryM~771~n. + prep. + def. art.~in the sheaves--sheaf (swath, row of fallen grain)~jmr
bjynyK~744~n. f. & m. cstr. + sf. + prep.~in your eyes~jyN
bjynyw~744~n. f. & + prep. + pr. sf. 3 m.s.~in the eyes of him~jyN
bjyny~744~n. pl. cstr. + prep.~in the eyes of~jyN
bjz~126~n. pr. m.~Boaz (quickness)~bjz
bkl-glwlyhM~165, 481~n.m (only pl.) cstr. + sf.~with all the idols of them~gll
blt~532~n. m. + prep. + def. art.~secretly--secrecy, mystery~lwt et getn. f. m. mpl. + prep.~in Egypt~mcryM
bmjy~588~n. m. only pl; cstr.+ pr. sf. 1 c.s.~in the womb of me~mjh
bnTy~123~n. cstr. + pr. sf. 1 c. s.~daughters of me~bT
bnjrwT~655~n. cstr. + prep.~by (the) maids of~njr
bnjwryhN~655~n. + prep. + sf.~in the youth, eartly life, of them.--fig. of Judah and Sam., personif.~njr
bnjwryh~655~n. cstr. + sf. + prep.~in the youth of her (fig. of Judah and Sam., personif., Ez 23:2,8)~njr
bnw~124~Qal Pf. 3 built~bnh
bny-aewr~78~n. r. gent. & terr.; + n.~sons of Asshur, Assyria~aewr
bnyh~119~n. + sf. 3 f.s.~the sons of her~bN
bnyw~119~n. + pr. sf. 3 m.s.~the sons of him~bN
bny~~n. cstr.~the sons of~bN
bpgry~803~n. cstr. + prep.~upon the corpses of--corpse, carcass~pgr
bqch~892~n.[m.] cstr. + prep.~in the border, outskirts of--end, extremity~qch
bqr~133~n. m.s. (alw. abs)~morning~bqr
bqwl~876~n. s. cstr. + prep.~to (the) voice~qwl
braeyT~912~n. f. abs. + prep.~in the beginning~rae
bra~135~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~he created~bra
brqyj~956~n. m.s. cstr.+ prep.~in the firmament of~rqj
brwK~138~Qal Pt. pass.~blessed~brK
brwkh~138~Qal Pt. pass sq. f.~blessed be~brK
brybw~936~n. m. cstr. + sf. + prep.~in the dispute of him--strife, dispute--exp. dispute, controversy, case at law: Ex 23.2,3,6~ryb
btrwM~382~adv. of time + prep.~   `trM   once;   `trwM  --not yet, ere, before that (Ru 3.14)~trM
bw~88~prep. + sf. 3 m.s.~in him / it~b
byEral~975~n. pr. m. et gent.~in Israel~Erh
byN~107~subst. (also used as prep.)~between~byN
byTK~108~n. m. + sf.~the house of you~byT
byT_lHM~111~n. pr. loc.~Bethlehem--in Judah (place of bread)~byT
byT~108~n. m.~house~byT
byd-mahbyh~12,388~Pi. Pt. Pf. sf. + n. f. + prep.~into the hand of her lovers (lovers of her) ~ahb
byd~~n. s. + prep. cstr.~in the hand of~yd
bymyM~410~n. + def. art. + prep.~in the sea~yM
bymy~398~n. cstr. + prep.~in the days of~ywM
bynK~107~subst. + pr. suff. 2 m.s.~between you~byN
byny~107~prep. + sf~between me~byN
bywM-qnwTK~888, 398~Qal Inf. cstr. + pr. sf. 2 m.s.; also, n. m.s. + prep.~in the day of the acquiring of you~qnh
bywM~398~n. m.s. (+ def. art.) + prep.~in (the) day~ywM
by~106~Pt. of entreaty~craving permission to address a superior, always foll. by Adoni and always at the beginning of a speech, I pray, excuse me~byy
bzjT~402~n. f.s. constr. + prep.~in the sweat of (f. part. form)~yzj
cbaM~839~n. armies, hosts (of the entire creation)~cba
cwyTyK~845~Piel Pf. 1 c.s. + 2 m.s. pron. suff~I really commanded you~cwh
cwyTy~845~Piel Pf. 1 c.s.~I really commanded (Pi. lay charge, command, order)~cwh
dbqh~179~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.~she clung to her~dbq
dbr-bjz~126, 180~Piel Pf. 3 m.s. + n. pr. m~he really spoke, Boaz~dbr
dbr-yhwh~182, 217~n. m. cstr. + word of Yahweh--word of God, as a divine communication in the form of commandments, prophecy, and words of help to his people.~yhwh
dbrT~180~Piel Pf. 2 m.s.~you really spoke~dbr
dbr~182~n. m.s.~a speech, word, thing~dbr
ddy~186~n. m. Du. cstr.~breast, teat, nipple;--of Samaria & Jerusalem under fig. of young women~dd
dea~206~n. m.s. abs.~grass~dea
drawN~201~n. m. abs.~object of abhorrence~dra
dwd~187~n. pr. m.~David (beloved one?)~dwd
eM-hmT~559~n. m. + def. art.; also, n. m. cstr.~name of the dead~mwT
eM_aeTw~1027, 61~n. m.s. constr.; and, n. f.s. constr. + pr. suff. 3 m.s.~name of the wife of him~aeh
eM~1027~adv.; also, n.~there; name~eM
eTyM~1040~n. m. et f. du.~two~enh
eTyhM~1041~n. et. f. du. + pr. sf. 3 two of them~enh
ealTyhw~981~Qal Pf. 1 c.s. + sf. 3 m.s.~I asked him~eal
ebTh~992~n. f.s. + pr. sf. 3 f.s.~cessation of her~ebT
ebT~991~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~he rested~ebT
ebh-ph~996, 805~Qal Pt. f.s. + adv. loc.~returning here~ewb
ebh~996~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.~she returned~ewb
ebnh~996~Qal Imper. 2 return~ewb
ebw-ph~442, 805~Qal Imu. + adv. loc.~you sit here~yeb
eby~442~Qal Imu. f.s.~you remain~yeb
edyhN~994~n. m. cstr. + sf.~their breasts~ed
edy~994~n. m. dei.~Shaddai~edy
ee-EjryM~972, 995~n.; + n. m. et f.~six barley~Ejr
ee-hEjryM~1058, 995, 972~n. + def. art. + m. adj. num. ord.~six of the grains~Ejr
ekbT~1012~Qal Pt. f.~the one laying~ekb
ekbw~1011~Qal Pf.~they lay (of sexual relations)~ekb
ekby~1012~Qal Imu. 2 f.s.~you keep lying = keep lying, c.   `jd  ~ekb
el-Telw~1021~Qal Inf. abs. + Qal Impf. 2 mp.~drawing out you will draw out--you shall by all means draw out~ell
elHT~1018~Qal Pf. 2 m.s.~you sent~elH
elP~1025~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~he drew off~elP
elewM~1026~adv.~= three days ago--specif. day before yesterday (idiomat. for hitherto)~ele
elmh~1024~adj. f.~full--1. complete: a full, perfect (of reward)~elM
elyey~1026~m. adj. num. ord.~third~ele
emh~1027~adv. + loc.~thither~eM
emjTy~1038~Qal Pf. 1 m.s.~I heard~emj
emjT~1033~Qal Pf. 2 s.~you hear / you listened~emj
emjh~1033~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.~she heard~emj
emjw~1033~Qal Imu.~Hear~emj, —captial of N. Isr. from Omri’s time~emr
emw~1027~n. m.s. cstr. + sf.~the name of him~eM
emyM~1029~n., sky~emh
enh~1040~n. f.~year~enh
eny-bnyw~1041, 119~adj. m. num. ord + n. + sf. 3 m.s.~the two sons of him~bN
enyhM~1041~n. m. du. cstr. suf. 2 of them~enh
eny~1041~adj. m. num. ord.~second~eny
epHTK~1046~n. f. cstr. + pr. sf. 2 m.s.~the maid of you~epH
epHTyK~1046~n. f. cstr. + pr. sf.~the maids of you~epH
ept~1047~Qal Inf. cstr.~judging~ept
erC~1056~n. m. abs. coll.~swarmers, swarming things~erC
ercw~1056~Qal Pf. 3 swarm, teem with (acc. animal) subj. water~erC
ewbK~996~Qal Inf. Pass.~turning of you~ewb
ewby~996~Qal Imu. 2 f.s.~you return~ewb
ewr~1004~n. m.~a head of cattle, bullock, ox, etc.~ewr
gM-enyhM~168, 1041~adv. denoting addition + adj. m. num. ord. + pr. sf. 3, moreover, yea; the two of them~enh
gM-layeh~168, 35~n. m.s. + sf. + prep. + adv. constr.~also to her husband~aye
gN-bjdN~726~n. m.s. + prep. + n. m.s. cstr.~a garden in Eden~jdN
gN~171~n. m.s. cstr.~garden of~gN
gal-lK~145~Qal Imu. + prep. + sf.~you redeem for you~gal
gal~145~Qal Pt.~kinsman~gal
gbwr~150~n. m.~a mighty (strong, valiant man)~gbr
gdlTy~152~Pi. Pf.~bring up children~gdl
gey~620~Qal Imu. 2 f.s.~you draw near~nge
glw~162~Pi. Pf. 3 pl.~they uncovered~glh
gyHwN~161~n. pr. fl.~Gihon (a bursting forth)~gyH
hEdh~961~n. m. + def. art. id. (ordinary contr. form)~the open field, country~Edh
hEjryM~972~n. + def. art.~the barley~Ejr
hHeK~365~n. m.s. + def. art.~the darkness~HeK
hHrb~352~n. f.s. + def. art.~the sword~Hrb
hHtyM~334~n. + def. art.~the wheat~Hnt
hHwylh~296~n. pr. terr. + def. art.~the Havilah~Hwl
hHyh~312~n. f. abs. + def. art.~the living thing, animal~Hyh
hHyyM~331~n. abstract emph. + def. art.~the life~Hyh
hM~241~pronoun 3
hN~243~demonstr. adv.~Behold~hN
hTbwnN~107~Hithp. Pf., abs.~consider--shew oneself attentive consider diligently~byN
hTjwdh~730~n. f.s. abs. + def. art.~the attestation~jwd
hTnynM~1072~n. m. abs. pl. + def. art.~the sea - (or river -) monster~TnN
haHT~25~adj. num. f. abs. + def. art.~the one~aHd
haHd~25~adj. num. + def. art.~the one~yHd
haHrwN~30~f. adj. + def. art.~coming after or behind--(as a compar. or superl., acc. to the contest); hence a. of place, behind, hindermost b. of time latter or last~aHr
hadM~9~n. m.s. + def. art.~I. the man; II. Adam~adM
hadmh~9~n. f.s. + def. art.~the earth~adMh
haeh~61~n. f.s. adv. + def. art.~the woman~ane
hakl~38~n. m. + def. art.~the food~akl
halhyM~44~prop n. mp. + def. art.~Elohim~alhyM
halh~~demonstr. adj. c. + def. art.~the these~zh
haneyM~35~n. + def. art.~the men~aye
harC~75~n. f. + def. art.~the earth~arC
hawr~21~n. m. abs. + def. art. + sign of D.O.~the light~awr
haye~35~n. m.s. + def. art.~the man~aye
hbHwryM~104~n. abs. + def. art.~the young men~bHr
hbah~97~Qal Pt. f. + def. art.~the one who is entering~bwa
hbdlH~95~n. m.~prob. bdellium~bdl
hbhmh~96~n. f. abs. + def. art.~the beast, animal, cattle~bhM
hbqr~133~n. m.s. + def. art.~the morning~bqr
hbtN~105~n. f.s. abs. + def. art.~the womb~btN
hbyT~108~n. m.s. abs. + def. art.~the house~byT
hby~396~Qal Imu. f.s.~you give (sq. acc.)~yhb
hclj~854~n. f. abs. + def. art. + D. O.~the rib, side~clj
hdbr~182~n. m.s. + def. art.~the matter, thing~dbr
hdjT~395~n. f. abs. + def. art.~the knowledge (esp. knowledge w/ moral quality)~ydj
hdny~192~n. pr. m~the Danites~dyN
hebh~996~Qal Pt. f.s. + def. art.~the one returning~ewb
hebyT~991~Hiph. Pf. 3 m.s.~he caused to fail —let be lacking~ebT
hebyjy~988~m. adj. num. ord. + def. art.~the seventh~ebj
heey~995~m. adj. num. ord. + def. art.~sixth~ee
hehM~995~n. m. + def. art.~Onyx~ehM
hejr~1048~n. m.s. abs. + def. art.~the gate = space outside gate, as public meeting place~ejr
heknwT~1015~adj. + def. art.~the neighbours~ekN
helyey~1026~m. adj. num. ord. + def. art.~the third~ele
hemry~1037~Niph. Imu. f.s.~be careful~emr
hemyM~1029~n. + def. art.~the heavens, sky~emh
henyT~1041~adj. num. ord. f. + def. art.~the second~enh
heny~1041~m. adj. num. ord. + def. art.~the second~enh
heptyM~1047~Qal Pt. + def. art.~the judges &mdash 1. act as lawgiver, judge, governor (giving law, deciding controversies and executing law, civil, religious, political, social: both early and late)~ept
heyany~674~Hiph. Pf. 3 m.s. suffix 1 f.s.~he caused me to be deceived~nea
heybny~996~Hiph. 3 m.s. + pr. sf. 1 s.~he caused to return me~ewb
hgN~171~n. m.s. + def. art.~the garden~gN
hgal~145~Qal Pt. + def. art.~the one who acted as kinsman~gal
hgd_hgd~617~Hoph Inf. abs. + Hop Pf. 3 m.s.s.~it was really caused to be informed--to cause to be informed, to be told, announced, reported~ngd
hgdlyM~152~adj. pl. abs. + def. art.~the great (ones)~gdl
hgdl~152~adj. s. abs. + def. art.~the great (one)~gdl
hgdwlh~152~adj. sf. f. + art.~the elder;--great in age, elder, eldest~gdl
hgrN~175~n. m. + def. art.~the threshing floor~grN
hgydh~616~Hiph. Imu. 2 m.s.~you cause to make known~ngd
hgyd~616~Hiph. Pf. 3 m.s.~he caused to inform ~ngd
hhlK~230~Qal Pt. + def. art.~the one going~hlK
hhwa~216~demonstr. pr. + def. art.~the that~hwa
hjC~781~n. m.s. + def. art.~the tree~jC
hjM~766~n. m. + def. art.~the people~jmM
hjmryM~771~n. + def. art.~the sheaves~jmr
hjrmh~790~n. f. abs. + def. art.~the heap = grain heap~jrM
hjwd-ly~728~adv. acc. + Interrog; + prep. + sf.~are there yet to me~jwd
hjyr~746~n. f. abs. + def. art.~the city~jyr
hkwkbyM~456~n. abs. + def. art.~the stars~kbb
hlM~240~adv. of place, hither~hither & thither--i.e. in different directions~hlM
hla~208, 518~Interrog. Pt. + adv.~shall I not? (Ru 3.1); is not (Ru. 3.2)~h
hlhN~530~Interrog + conj.~would therefore, on this account~lhN
hlkTy~229~Qal Pf. 1 c. s.~I went~hlK
hlwa~520~adv. + Interrog.~have not--(inviting, as it does, an affirmative answer, it is often used, (a) especially in conversation, for pointing to a fact in such a way as to arouse the interest of the person addressed, or to win his assent.)~la
hlylh~538~n. m.s. + def. art.~the night~lwh
hmHnh~334~n. m.s. + def. art.~the camp, encampment~Hnh
hmN-hjC~577, 781~n. m.s. + def. art. + prep. + Interrog. part.~have from the tree~jC
hmThpkT~246~Hithp. Act. Pt.~turn this way & that, every way (reflexive and intensive)~hpK
hmabyh~555~adj. gent. f.s. + def. art.~the Moabitish (one)~mwab
hmarT~22~n. abs. + def. art.~the luminaries~awr
hmawr~22~n. m.s. abs. + def. art. + sign of D.O.~the luminary~awr
hmh~241~pron. 3 pl. m.~they~hmh
hmtpHT~381~n. f.s. abs. + def. art.~cloak~tpH
hmtyr~565~Hiph. Pf. 3 m.s.~send rain, rain, cause to rain--subj. (no dir. obj.)~mtr
hmwT~560~n. m.s. abs. + def. art.~the death~mwT
hmwabyh~555~adj. gent. + def. art.~the Moabitish~mwabyh
hmwabyj~555~adj. gent. + def. art.~the Moabitess (the Moabitish (one))~mwab
hmyM~565~n. mp. + def. art.~the waters~my
hnHe~638~n. m.s. + art.~the serpent~nHe
hnK~243~interjec. + sf.~Behold you~hN
hncb~662~Niph. Pt. m.s. + def. art.~the one appointed--be stationed = appointed over~ncb
hneyM~61~n. + def. art.~the women~ane
hnh-hwa~243~demonstr. adv. + pers. pr.~lo! behold! he~hN
hnhr~625~n. m. + def. art.~the river~nhr
hnh~243~demonstr. adv.~lo! behold!~hN
hnjrh~655~n. f.s. abs. + def. art.~the girl, damsel (of female attendant, maiden)~njr
hnjryM~654~n. abs. + def. art.~the lads~njr
hnjr~654~n. m.s. abs. + def. art.~the lad~njr
hpejyM_by~833~Qal Pt. pl. + def. art.; followed by prep. + 1 s. sf.~the transgressors against me (transgression against God)~pej
hpejyM~833~Qal Pt. pl. + def. art.~the transgressors (against God Is 66.24)~pej
hpjM~822~n. f. abs.~occurrence (orig. stroke) = now at length~pjM
hqcryM~894~Qal Pt. pl. + def. art.~the ones reaping--reapers~qcr
hqtN~882~adj. abs. + def. art.~the small, insignificant~qtN
hqwcryM~894~Qal Pt. pl. + def. art.~the ones reaping--reapers~qcr
hrbh_arbh~915~double vb. Hipf. Inf. abs.; and, Hiph. Impf. 1 c.s.~I will surely cause to make great~rbh
hrbyjy~917~m. adj. num. ord. + def. art.~the fourth~rbj
hrgw~246~Qal Pf. 3 s.~they killed, slew~hrg
hrh~248~adj. f.~pregnant ( = subst. pregnant women, women with child)~hrh
hrj~948~n. m. + def. art.~the evil, distress, misery~rj
hrmET~943~Qal Pt. f.s. + def. art.~the ones who move lightly, glide about, of water animals~rmE
hrqyj~956~n. m.s. abs + def. art.~the firmament~rqj
hrywN~248~n. m.s. abs.~conception~hrh
hsbb~685~Qal Pt. + def. art.~the one going partly round, circling about, skirting~sbb
hswbb~685~Qal Pt. + def. art.~the one turning--which compasses~sbb
hwa_hyTh~214, 224~pron. 3 f.s. + vb. Qal Pf. 3 f.s.~she, she was~hyh
hwa_nTnh-ly~214, 678~pron. 3 f.s.; and, vb. Qal Pf. 3 f.s. + prep. + sf. 1 c.s.~she gave to me~nTN
hwa~~pers. pr.~he~hwa
hwlyd~409~Hiph. Pf. 3 m.s.~he begat--caused to bring forth (a father a child)~yld
hyM~410~n. m.s. + def. art.~the sea~yM
hyTh-Smh~224, 1027~Qal Pf. 3 f.s. cstr.; + adv.~she was thither~hyh
hyTh-emh~224, 1027~Qal Pf. 3 f.s. cstr. +, adv.~she was thither~hyh
hyTh~224~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.~it was~hyh
hyT~312~n. f.s. constr.~living things~Hyh
hya~214~pron. f. 3 s.~she~hya
hybeh~387~n. f. + def. art.~the dry land, dry ground~ybe
hyebyM~442~Qal Act. Pt. + def. art.~the ones sitting~yeb
hyh~227~A. vb. Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~it was~hyh
hytbT~405~Hiph. Pf. + sf. 2 f.s.~make a thing good, right, beautiful~ytb
hywM~398~n. m.s. + def. art.~the day~ywM
hywT~~Qal Inf. cstr.~being~hyh
hywld~~Pt. + def. art.~the one to be born~yld
hyw~224~Qal Pf. 3 pl.~they were~hyh
hyyTy~224~Qal Pf. 1 s.~I became~hyh
hyyT~224~Qal Pf. 2 f.s.~you were~hyh
hzaT~260~demonstr. pr. + Interrog.~is this?~zh
hzhb~262~n. m.s. abs. + def. art.~the gold = gold-ore in the raw state~zhb
jC-hgN~171, 781~n. m.s. + art. + n. m.s. cstr.~trees of the garden~gN
jC~781~n. m.s.; coll.~tree; trees~jC
jEb~793~n. m.s. abs.~herb, herbage~jEb
jEh-lh~793 ~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.; + Prep. + sf.~he did for her~jEh
jEh~793~Qal Pt. / also, Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~making / (also) he made~jEh
jErh~796~n. f.~ten~jEr
jEwT~793~Qal Inf. cstr.~making~jEh
jEw~793~Qal Pf. 3 pl.~they did~jEh
jEyTM~793~Qal Pf. + sf. have done to them~jEh
jEyTy~793~Qal Pf. 1 c.s.~I worked~jEh
jEyT~793~Qal Pf. 2 f.s.; 2 m.s.~you have worked; you have done~jEh
jM-hmTyM~559~Qal Pt. + def. art.; + prep.~with the dead~mwT
jM-hnjryM~645~n. abs. + def. art. + prep.~with the lads of me~njr
jM-njmy~654, 767~pr. n. f. + prep.~with Naomi~njM
jM-njrTy~655~n. cstr. + pr. sf. 1 c.s. + prep.~with (the) maids of me--female atendants~njr
jM-njrwTyw~655~n. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + prep.~with (the) maids of him~njr
jbr~717~Qal Pt.~the one who is passing on~jbr
jcM_mjcmy~782~n. f. abs.; and, n. cstr. + suff. 1 c.s. + prep.~bones from the bones of me.--fig. of close relationship.~jcM
jcM~782~n. f. abs.~bone, substance, self--fig. of close relationship~jcM
jcbwnK~781~n. m.s. + pron. suff. 2 f.s.~the pain of you~jcb
jd-banh~97, 723~Qal Pf. 3; + prep.~until they entered~bwa
jd-hbqr~133~n. m.s. + def. art. + prep.~until the morning~bqr
jd-hjrb~787~n. m.s. + def. art. + prep.~until the evening~jrb
jd-klwT~477~Qal Inf. cstr. + prep.~until (it) will be complete~klh
jdN~726~n. m.s.~Eden~jdN
jdyM~729~n. m. abs. pl.~witnesses~jwd
jgbh~721~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.~she lusted--lust after, only in fig. of relations of Samaria and Jerus. (personif.) with foreigners~jgb
jl-amTK~51, 752~n. f. cstr. + sf. 2 m.s. + prep.~over the maidservant of you~amh
jl-gHnK~161~n. m.s. constr. + pr. suff. 2 m.s. + prep. cstr.~upon the belly of you~gHN
jl-hadM~9~n. m.s. + art. + prep.~to Adam~adM
jl-harC~75, 752~nf. s. + def. art. + prep.~upon the earth;--soil, as productive; or--earth (whole earth)~arC
jl-hgawlh~145~n. f.s. abs. + def. art. + prep.~upon the right of redemption~gal
jl-hqwcryM~894, 752~Qal Pt. pl. + def. art. + prep.~over the ones reaping~qcr
jl-kN~487~adv. + prep.~upon thus~kN
jl-lb~524, 752~n. m. + prep.~upon the heart of~lbb
jl-mahbyh~13~Pi. Pt. pl. sf. + prep.~upon her lovers~ahb
jl-nHlTw~635~n. f. x. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s.; also, prep.~upon the inheritance of him~nHl
jl-pnyh~815~n. m. & cstr. + pr. sf. 3 f.s. + prep.~upon the faces of her~pnh
jl-pny~816~n. cstr. + prep.~upon the face of (metaph. face = VISIBLE SIDE: SURFACE)~pnh
jl-yhwdh~752, 397~prep. + n. terr.~concerning Judah~yhwdh
jlh~750, 748~n. m.s.; also, vb. Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~n. leafage (Gn 3.7); also, vb. he went up (Ru 4.1)~jlh
jlyK~752~Prep. + sf.~upon you~jl
jlyhM~752~prep. + sf.~upon them~jl
jlyhN~752~prep. + pr. sf. 3 account of them~jl
jlyh~752~prep. + sf.~upon her~jl
jmK_jmy~766~n. m. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.; followed by, n. m. + pr. sf. 1 c. s.~people of you--people of me~jmM
jmK~766~n. m. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.~people of you~jmM
jmdy~767~prep. + pr. suff. 1 c.s.~with me;--with the hand of me~jM
jmh~~prep. + sf.~with her~jM
jmkM~~prep. + sf.~with you~jM
jmr~771~II. n.m. omer; a measure, only Ex 16;--(LXX γομορ)~omer~jmr
jmw~767~prep. + sf.~with him~jM
jmy~~prep. + sf.~with me~jM
jnh_by~772~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.; + prep. + sf.~he responded against me~jnh
jnh~772~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~he responded~jnh
jpr~779~n. m.s. abs.~dust~jpr
jqb~784~n. m.s.~a heel~jqb
jqrh~785~adj. f.~barren~jqr
jrb~787~n. m.s. abs.~evening~jrb
jrph~791~pr. n. f.~Orphah~jrph
jrwM~791~A. predicate adj. m.s.~crafty~jrwM
jrwTh~788~n. f. + sf. 3 f.s.~her nakedness~jrh
jwP~733~n. m. coll.~fowl, birds~jwP
jwbd~714~n. pr. m.~Obed--worshipper~jbd
jwd~728~adv. acc.~still, yet, again, besides~jwd
jwr~736~n. m.s.~skin~jwr
jynyK~744~n. f. & + pr. sf. 2 f.s.~the eyes of you~jyN
jynykM~744~n. f. dual construc. + sf.~the eyes of you (your eyes)~jyN
jyny~744~n. f. constr. pl.~eyes of~jyN
jyrM~735~adj. n. m. abs.~naked;--be exposed, bare~jwr
jzbh~736~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.~leave, forsake, loose (she left)~jzb
jzr~740~n. m.s. abs.~help, succour--concr. = one who helps~jzr (my strength is Yah)~jzz
kN~485~adv.~thus, so~kN
kTnwT~509~n. constr.~tunics of~kTK
kaHT~25~adj. num. cstr. + prep.~as one of~aHd
kaHd_mmnw~25, 577~adj. num. constr. + prep. + prep. + suff. 3 m.s.~as one of us~aHd
kaHd~25~adj. num. constr. + prep.~as one~aHd
kaer~81~Pt. of relation + prep.~according to that~aer
kalhyM~43~n. + prep.~as God~alh
kayph~35~n. f. + prep.~according to an ephah~ayph
kbanh~97~Qal Inf. + prep. + pr. sf. 3 the entering of them~bwa
kbyT~108~n. m. + prep.~as the house of~byT
kdmwTnw~198~n. f. cstr.+ pr. sf. 1 likeness, similitude (man in likeness of God)~dmh
kh~462~demonstr. adv.~thus~kh
kjEr~796~n. m. + prep. (abs. & cstr. usu. indistinguishable)~about ten~jEr
kkl~481~n. m. + prep.~according to all~kl
kl-HyT~312, 481~n. f. constr. + n. m. cstr.~all beasts of~Hyh
kl-Hy~312~n. f.s. + adj.~all living~Hyh
kl-aer~481, 81~n. m.; + particle of relation~all that~kl
kl-arC~75~n. f.s. + n. m. cstr.~all (the) land of~arC
kl-dbr~182, 481~n. m.s. + n. m.~all of the word, the whole thing, matter~dbr
kl-ejr~1044, 481~n. m.s. abs. + n. m.~all the gate (body of citizens)~ejr
kl-harC~75~n. f.s. + art. + n. m. cstr~all the earth~arC
kl-hjM~766, 481~n. m. + def. art. + n. m.~all the people~jM
kl-hjyr~746~n. f. abs. + def. art.; + n. m.~all the city~jyr
kl-hrjh~949, 481~n. f.s. abs. + def. art. + n. m. cstr. (+ makk.)~all the evil; evil, misery, distress, injury (Dt. 31.18 ethical evil). the whole, all~rjj
kl-jC~781~n. m. coll. + n. m. cstr.~all trees~jC
kl-jwP_knP~733,489~n. m. coll. + n. m.; followed by n. abs.~birds, fowl (Gn 1.21) redundant--fowl feathered~jwP
kl-jwP~733~n. m. coll. + n. m.~all fowl, birds~jwP
kl-npe~659~n. f. + n. m.~all living;--a living, breathing being~npe
kl-rmE~943, 481~n. m. coll. + n. m. cstr.~all creeping things of~rmE
kl-ymy~481, 398~n. constr. + adj.~all the days of~ywM
klM~481~n. m.~all~kl
klTK~483~n. f.s. cstr. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.~the daughter-in-law of you--in ref. to husband's father~kll
klTh~483~n. f. + pr. sf.~the daughter-in-law of her~kll
klTw~478~Piel Inf. + pr. sf. 3 m.s.~(the) finishing of him--finish doing a thing, usu. sq.   `l   inf.~klh
klTyh~483~n. + pr. sf. 3 f.s.~the daughters-in-law of her~kll
kl~481~n. m.~all, the whole~kll
kmTannyM~59~Hithpo. Pt. pl.~the ones complaining, murmuring~anN
kmrah~~prep. + Pt. / n.~as the appearance~rah
knP~489~n. abs.~winged birds, of wing~knP
kngdw~617~subst. cstr. + pr. suff. 3 m.s. + prep.~to what is in front of = acc. corresponding to him~ngd
knpK~489~n. f. cstr. + sf. 2 m.s.~extremity--of garment, = skirt, corner or loose flowing end~knP
krHl~932~n. pr. f. + prep.~as Rachel~rHl
ksTwT~492~n.f. (usu. = cushion, bolster, pillow), only pl.~Ez. 13.18 (women) sewing bands upon elbows~ksh
kwe~468~n. pr. terr.~Cush~kwe
ky-aM-klh~478, 49~Piel Pf. 3 m.s. + conj., hypoth. part., Interrog. past + conj.~that if he really accomplished, fulfilled, brought to pass~klh
ky-aTK~~conj. + prep. + pr. suff~that with you~ky
ky-amr~55~D. verb 3 m.s. Pf. + adv.~that he said~amr
ky-bah~97, 471~Qal Pf. 3 f.s. + conj.~that she came~bwa
ky-hmr~600, 471~Hiph. Pf. 3 m.s. + conj.~because he caused to embitter (hath embittered)~mrr
ky-jpr~779~n. + conj.~because dust~jpr
ky-jyrM~471, 735~adj. n. m. abs. + conj.~because naked~jwr
ky-mTamcT~55~Hith. Pt.; + conj.~that one really determined oneself--confirm oneself in a purpose, be determined~amC
ky-mr-ly~600~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.; + conj.; + prep. + sf.~because it is very bitter to me~mrr
ky-pqd~471, 823~conj. + Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~that he visited~pqd
ky-twb~375~adj. + conj.~that good--good, excellent of its kind: of the several creations, and God saw that it was good, excellent Gn 1.4,10,12,18,21,25~twb
ky-ycah_by~422, 89~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.; + conj.; followed by, prep. + sf. 1 s.~because she went against me~yca
wyTnbaw~612~Hithp. Impf. 3 mpl. + waw convers.~prophesy; and they really prophesied. 1. prophesy under influence of divine spirit: a. in frenzy.~nba
ky-ycah~422~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.; + conj.~because she went~yca
ky~471~conj.~that; because, for~ky
lHM~536~n. m.s.~bread~lHM
lHmwTh~327~n. f. + pr. sf. 3 f.s. + prep.~to her husband's mother~Hmh
lHswT~340~Qal Inf. + prep.~to seek refuge~Hsh
lK~510~prep. + pron. suff. 2 m.s.~to you~l
lTT~678~Inf. + prep. (contraction form)~to give~nTN
la-awkl~407, 518~Qal Impf. 1 c.s. + neg.~not I am able~ykl
la-jzb~736~Qal Pf. 3 m.s. + neg.~not he left~jzb
la-mca~592~Qal Pf. 3 m.s. + neg. part.~not he found~mca
la-mwT~559~Qal Inf. abs. + neg. part.~not dying~mwT
la-twb~373~adj. + neg. part.~not good~twb
la-ydjT~393~Qal Pf. + neg.~not you knew~ydj
laHynw~26~n. m.s. cstr. + pr. sf. 1 + prep.~to the brother of us~aHh
laTT~17~n. pl. + prep.~for signs, tokens (of changes of weather & times)~awh
ladM~9~n. m.s. + prep.~for Adam~adM
laeh~61~n. f.s. + prep.~to woman; wife~aeh
laklh~38~n. f. + prep. (+ some verbal force)~for food, eating~akl
lakl~37~Qal Inf. cstr. + prep.~to eat~akl
lalymlK~45~pr. n. m.~to Elemelek (to whom God is king)~alymlK
lamnT~52~Qal Pt. + prep.~to foster-mother, nurse~amN
lamr~55~Qal Inf. abs. + prep.~to say~amr
laneyM~35~n. + prep.~for husbands~aye
larbjh~916~n. f. abs. + prep.~to four~rbj
lawr~21~n. m. abs + def. art. + prep.~to the light~awr
layeh~35~n. m.s. cstr. + prep. + sf.~to the husband of her~aye
laye~35~n. m. + prep.~(Ru 1.12) for a husband; (Ru. 3.3) unto the man~aye
lbEr~142~n. m.s. abs. + prep.~for flesh~bEr
lbdw~94~n. m.s. + prep. + pr. suff. 3 m.s.~alone--to the separation of him~bdd
lbey~527~Qal Pt. Act. pl. cstr.~clothed with~lbe
lbjz~126~n. pr. m. + prep.~to Boaz~bjz
lblTy-lkT~116, 230~subst. cstr. + prep.; + Qal Inf. cstr.~so as not to go~hlK
lblTy~116~Pt. of neg. w/ prep.~so as not/ in order not~blT
lbw~524~n. m. + sf. 3 m.s.~the heart of him~lbb
lbyT~108~n. m. cstr. + prep.~to the house of~byT
ldbr~180~Piel Inf. + prep.~to really speak~dbr
ldjT~393~Qal Inf. constr. + insep. prep.~knowing~ydj
leTy~1041~num. cstr. + prep.~to the two of~enyM
lekb~1012~Qal Inf. cstr. + prep.~to lie down~ekb
lemr~1036~Qal Inf. const + prep.~to watch~emr
lewb~996~Inf. abs. + prep.~to return~ewb
lgN-jdN~726~n. m.s. + n. m.s. constr. + prep.~to the Garden of Eden~jdN
lgalK~145~Qal Inf. cstr. + sf. 2 f.s.~to redeem you~gal
lgal~145~Qal Pt. + prep. + def. art.~to the one acting as kinsman~gal
lgawl-ly~145~Qal Inf. cstr. + prep. + pr. sf. 1 c.s.~to redeem for me~gal
lgawl~145~Qal Inf. cstr.~to redeem~gal
lgwr~157~Qal Inf. + prep.~to sojourn~gwr
lhEkyl~968~Hiph. Inf. constr. + prep.~to make wise~Ekl
lhM~214, 510~pers pr 3 object + prep.~to them~hwa
lhN~~prep. + pr. sf. 3 them~l
lhayr~21~Hiph. Inf. + prep.~to give light~awr
lhbdyl~95~Hiph. Inf. cstr. + prep.~to cause to divide, distinguish~bdl
lheqwT~1052~Hiph. Inf. cstr. + prep.~to cause to irrigate~eqh
lhkyrny~648~Hiph. Inf. cstr. + prep.~to pay attention to~nkr
lhqyM~878~Hiph. Inf. cstr. + prep.~to cause to stand--to cause the dead man's name to stand upon his inheritance~qwM
lht~529~n. m.s. constr~(the) flame of~lht
lhweyj~446~Hiph. Inf. cstr. + prep.~deliver, save (prop. give width and breadth to liberate)~yej
lh~~prep. + pr. sf. 3 f.s.~to her~l
ljEwT~793~Qal Inf. cstr. + prep.~to do, make~jEh
ljT~773~n. f. cstr. + prep.~for the time of~jnh
ljbdh~712~Qal Inf. + prep. + pr. suff. 3 m.s.~to labour, work, do work--to dress it~jbd
ljbd~713~Qal Inf. cstr. + prep.~to till~jbd
ljlM~761~n. m.s. + prep.~forever~jwlM
ljmK~766~n. m. cstr. + pr. sf. 2 f.s. + prep.~to the people of you~jmM
ljynyM~744~n. f. dual + prep. + art.~to the eyes~jyN
ljzbK~736~Qal Inf. cstr. + pr. sf. 2 f.s. + prep.~to leave you~jzb
lkM~510~prep. + suff 2 you~l
lkN~230~Qal Imu. fem. pl.~you go~hlK
lkl-bEr~142, 481~n. m. + n. m. cstr. + prep.~unto all flesh--all mankind~bEr
lkl-hbhmh~96, 481~n. f. abs. + art. + n. m. cstr. + prep.~to all the beasts, animal, cattle~bhM
lklTh~483~n. f.s. cstr. + prep. + pr. sf. 3 f.s.~to the daughter-in-law of her~kll
lklywN~479~pr. n. m. + prep.~to Chilion~klh
lkl~481~n. m. cstr. + prep.~to all~kll
lknh~229~Qal Imper. 2 go~hlK
lky~230~Hiph. Imu f.s.~you go~hlK
llkT_aTh~229, 85~Hiph. Inf. cstr. + prep.; + prep. + sf.~to cause to walk with her~hlK
llkT~229~Hiph. Inf. cstr. + prep.~to cause to walk~hlK
llqt~544~Qal Inf. cstr. + prep.~to glean~lqt
lmakl~~n. m. + prep.~for food~akl
lmawrT~22~n. abs. + prep.~for luminaries~awr
lmeyb~999~Hiph. Pt. + prep.~refresh —to cause to bring back~ewb
lmh~552~pron. Interrog.~why~mh
lmmelT~606~n. f.s. cstr. + prep.~to rule~mel
lmrah~909~n. m. + prep.~for appearance~rah
lmTprwT~1074~Pi. Pt. (as subst.) who keep sewing~Tpr
lmyM~565~n. + prep. (+ def. art.)~to (the) waters~my
lmynhM~568~n. m. alw. sf. + prep.~after kind, species of them (usu. of animals)~myN
lmynhw~568~n. m. alw. sf + prep.~in the kinds of them--kind, species~myN
lmynh~568~n. m. alw. sf + prep. (sf. 3 f.s.)~after kind of it~myN
lmynw~568~n. m. alw. sf + prep.~kind, species~myN
lmy~566~pron. Interrog. + prep.~to whom?~my
lneyM~61~n. + prep.~among women~ane
lnjmy~654~n. pr. f. + prep.~to Naomi~njM
lnjrw~654~n. m.s. cstr. + prep. + pro. sf. 3 m.s.~to the lad of him (boy, lad, youth)~njr
lnjr~~prep. + n. m.s. abs.~for the lad~njr
lnpe~659~n. f.s. + prep.~to / for a soul~npe
lnw~510~prep. + sf.~to us~l
lpnyM~815~n. + prep.~before the faces~pnh
lqHT~544~Pual Pf. 2 m.s.~you were really taken out of (ref. to activity of God)~lqh
lqHh-zaT~542, 260~Pual Pf. 3 f.s. + demonstr. adj. f.~be taken from, out of--be really taken this (one fem.)~lqH
lqHh~542~Pual Pf. 3 f.s.~be taken from, out of (of source)--be really taken~lqH
lqHw~542~Qal Pf. 3 p.~they took~lqH
lqH~542~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~he took; was taken~lqH
lqtT~544~Piel Pf. 2 f.s.~you really glean~lqt
lqwcryM~894~Qal Pt. pl. + prep. + def. art.~to the ones reaping~qcr
lqwl~876~n. m.s. constr. + prep.~to the voice of~qwl
lqyM~878~Piel Inf. + prep.~to confirm, ratify--to really stand~qwM
lrawT~906~Qal Inf. cstr. + prep.~to see~rah
lrjhw~946~n. m. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + prep.~to a fellow of him~rjh
lrqyj~956~n. m.s. + prep. + def. art.~to the firmament~rqj
lrwH~924~Inf. constr + prep.~in the spirit of~rwH
lw~~prep. + fr. suff. 3 m.s.~for / to him~l
lybeh~387~n. f. + def. art. + prep.~to the dry land~ybe
lyhwdh~397~n. pr. m. + prep.~to Judah~yhwdh
lyhwh~217~n. pr. dei. + prep.~to Yahweh~yhwh
lylh~538~n. m.s.~night~lylh
lyny~533~Qal Imu 2 f.s.~you lodge~lwN
ly~~prep. + sf~to me~l
lzaT~260~demonstr. adj. f. + prep.~to this (one)~zh
lzqnyM~278~adj. pl. abs. + prep. + def. art.~to the elders~zqN
mEbjh~959~n. m. cstr. + sf.~satiety, abundance of her~Ebj
mEdh~961~n. m. id. pl. cstr. + prep.~from the land of~Edh
mEdy~961~n. m. id. pl. cstr. + prep.~from the land of~Edh
mEkrTK~969~n. f. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.~the wages of you = reward of faithfulness~Ekr
mHlwN~563~pr. n. m.~Mahlon (sickness)~mHlh
mN-hadM~9~n. m.s. + art. + prep.~from Adam~adM
mN-hadmh~9~n. f.s. abs + art. + prep.~from the earth~adM
mN-harC~75~n. f.s. abs. + art. + prep.~from the earth~arC
mN-hcbTyM~841~n. + prep.~from the sheaves~cbT
mN-hjC~577, 781~prep. + n. m.s. + def. art.~from the tree~jC
mN-hlHM~536~n. m.s.; + prep.~from the bread~lHM
mN-hmqwM~879~n. m. abs. + def. art. + prep.~from the place~qwM
mN-hnjrh_hzaT~655, 256~n. f.s. abs. + prep. + def. art.; followed by, pron. f. + def. art.~from the girl--young widow the this (this young widow)~njr
mN-hnjrh~655~n. f.s. abs. + prep. + def. art.~from the girl--young widow~njr
mN-hraewN~911~adj. + def. art. + prep.~from the former, first, chief~rae
mN-hzrj~282~n. m.s. abs. + def. art. + prep.~from the seed~zrj
mTHT~1066~compound prep.~from under, from beneath~THT
mThlK~229~Hithp. Act. Pt. m.s. (used as a verbal)~the one really walking himself; (--causing himself to be really walking)~hlK
maHryK~30~prep. cstr. pl. + prep. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.~from after you~aHr
mabywT~555~adj. gent.
mad~547~n. m.~exceedingly~mad
maer~81~Pt. of rel. + prep.~from which; that which~aer
marT~22~n. abs.~light, light-bearer, luminary, lamp, (of sun and moon)~awr
maye~35~n. m.s. + prep.~from man~aye
maz~23~conj.~from time of~az
mbHr~104~n.[m.] (f. Ez 24.5) cstr.~choicest, best~bHr
mbdyl~95~Hiph. Act Pt. s.m.~cause to be divided~bdl
mbyT_lHM~111~n. pr. loc. cstr. + prep.~from Bethlehem--1. in Judah (place of bread (food)) 2 hrs. south of Jerusalem, birth-place of David~byT
mcaTy~592~Qal Pf. 1 c.s.~I found~mca
mca~592~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~he found~mca
mcd~841~n. m. cstr. + prep.~at the side of~cdd
mcljTyw~854~n. cstr. + pr. suff 3 m.s. + prep.~from the ribs of him~clj
mcrjh~864~n. pr. loc + prep.~from Zoreh~crjh
mdjTnw~396~n. f.s. sf. 1 c. p.~(of) the kindred of us~ydj
meM~1027~adv. + prep.~from there~eM
mebjh~987~n. m. abs. + prep.~than seven~ebj
meny~1041~adj. m. num. ord. + prep.~from the two of~eny
mgN-jdN~726, 171~n. m.s. + n. m.s. cstr. + prep.~from the Garden of Eden~jdN
mgalnw~145~Qal Pt. + pr. sf. 1 + prep.~from the kinsmen of us~gal
mh-yqra-lw~552, 895~I. pron. Interrog. & II. indef. cstr. + Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + prep. + pr. suff.~what he will call them~qra
mh-zaT~552, 260~Interrog. pr. + demonstr. adj.~what (is) this~zh
mhywT~224~Qal Inf. cstr. w/ pref.~from being~hyh
mh~552~pron. Interrog and indef~what, how~mh
mjC~781~n. m.s. constr. + prep.~from the tree of~jC
mjM~768~prep.~from with (expressing origination or authorship)~jmM
mjcmy~782~n. cstr. + pr. suf. 1 c.s. + prep.~from the bones of me~jcM
mjdN~727~n. pr. terr. + prep.~from Eden~jdN
mjkw~590~Pu. Pf. 3 mpl.~press, squeezed.--there were their breasts squeezed Ez 23.3 (unchastely; fig. of intercourse of Samaria and Jerus. with Egypt, involving idolatry.)~mjK
mjl~758~compound prep.~from upon, from over, from by~jl
mjt~589~subst.~a few~mjt
mkM~577~Prep. + pr. sf. 2 account of you~mN
mkl-hbhmh~577, 96~n. f.s. + def. art. + prep. + n.~from all the animals~bhM
mkl-mlakTw~522~n. f. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + n. m. + prep.~from all the work of him~laK
mkl~481~n. m. + prep.~from all~kll
mkrh~569~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.~she sold~mkr
mkyrK~648~Hiph. Pt. + sf. 2 f.s.~paying attention to you~nkr
mlaK~521~n. m.~messenger, angel~laK
mlah~570~adj. cstr. f.s.~full~mla
mlakTw~522~n. f. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s.~(the) work of him (work as something done or made--of God in creation)~laK
mlky~572~n. cstr.~kings of~mlK
mmcryM~595~n. p. terr. et gent. f., m., mpl. + prep.~from Egypt~mcryM
mmepHT~1046~n. cstr. + prep.~from the clan of~mepHh
mmnh~577~prep. + pr. suff. 3 f.s.~from it~mlq
mmnw~577~prep. + suff.~from it~mlq
mmny~577~prep. + sf.~from me--besides me~m
mnwHh~628~Qal Inf. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 f.s.~resting of her~nwH
mnwH~629~n. pr. m.; also, n. m.~(n. pr. m.) Manoah; (n.m.) resting-place, state, or condition of rest (Ru. 3.1 rest, repose of soul; condition of rest and security attained by marriage)~nwH
mpny~816~n. constr. + adv. loc.~before the face of~pnh
mpryw~826~n. m.s. + sf. + prep.~from its fruit~pry
mpry~826~B. n. m.s. + prep. construct~from the fruit of~prh
mqdM~869~n. m. + prep.~from front, east, aforetime--1. loc. b. East = eastward; in the East~qdM
mqrh~899~n. m.~a chance~qrh
mqwM~879~n. m. abs~standing-place, place~qwM
mqwmw~879~n. m. + prep. + pr. sf.~from the place of him~qwM
mrHpT~934~Piel pt.~was really hovering, brooding~rHP
mra~600~adj. / subst.~bitter, bitterness~mrr
mrglTw~920~n.[f.] pl. denom. + pr. sf. 3 m.s.~at his feet~rgl
mrglTyw~920~n.[f.] pl. denom. + sf. 3 m.s.~place of his feet~rgl
mwT_TmwT~559~Qal Inf. abs.; and, Qal Impf. 2 m.s.~dying you will die~mwT
mwTw~560~n. m.s. cstr. + sf.~the death of him~mwT
mwT~559~Qal Inf. abs.~dying~mwT
mwabyh~555~adj. gent.~the Moabitish (one)~mwab
mwab~555~n. pr. gent. et. terr.~Moab = territory of Moab~mwab
mwldTK~409~n. f.s. cstr. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.~the kindred of you~yld
my-aT~61, 552~pron. 2 s.f. + Interrog. pr.~who (art) thou~anT
mydj~396~n. m.~a kinsman~ydj
myd~~n. s. cstr. + prep.~from the hand of~yd
my~552~Interrog. pr.~who~mh
mzh~262~prep. + adv.~from here, hence~zh
mzqny~278~adj. pl. cstr. + prep. (usu. pl.)~from the elders of~zqN
mzryj_zrj~282~Hiph. Pt. and n. m.s.~causing to produce seed;--that sow seed~zrj
mzryj~282~Hiph. pt.~causing to produce~zrj
nHmTny~637~Piel Pf. 2 m.s. + pr. sf. 1 c.s.~you really comforted me~nHM
nHmd~326~Niph. Pt.~desireable~Hmd
nTN~678~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~he gave~nTN
nTTh~678~Qal Pf. 2 m.s.~you gave (archaic ending)~nTN
nTTyh~678~Qal Pf. 1 c.s + sf. 3 f.s.~I gave her~nTN
nTTy~678~Qal Pf. 1 c.s.~I give~nTN
nTnh-ly~678, 510~Qal Pf. 3 f.s. + prep. + pron. suff 1 c.s.~she gave to me~nTN
nakl~37~Qal juss. 1 may eat~akl
na~609~Pt. of entreaty or exhortation~now~na
nemT~675~n. f. cstr.~breath of--man: breath of life~neM
newb~996~Qal Impf. 1 c. p.~we will return (esp. return with, go back)~ewb
ngd~617~subst., always as adv. or prep.~in front of~ngd
ngjK~619~Qal Inf. cstr. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.~to strike you--nearly = strike, pass. stricken~ngj
njEh~795~Niph. Pt. / Qal Impf. 1 c. p.~be done; be making / we will make~jEh
njlw~653~n. f. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s.~the sandal, shoe of him~njl
njmy~654~n. pr. f.~Naomi (my pleasantness)~njM
njrh~655~n. f.s.~girl (young widow)~njr
nkryh~648~adj. f.~foreigner (as predicate)~ncr
npe~659~n. f.~soul~npe
ntmah~379~Niph. Pf. 3 f.s.~be or become unclean (by idolatry conceived as whoredom)~tma
nwly~1102~n.f. (Ezr 6.11, Dn 2.5, 3.29)~refuse-heap~nwly
nwra~431~Niph. Pt.~--3. inspire reverence, godly fear, and awe...c. of sacred things~yra
nzyr~634~n. m.s. cstr~Nazarite (devotee, God's devotee)--Samson~nzr
pHwT~~n. pl.~governors (a rather vague title)~pHh
pN-TmTwN~814, 559~Pual Impf. 2 + conj.~lest you will surely die~mwT
pN-aeHyT~1008, 814~Hiph. Impf. 1 c.s.; also, conj. (alw. + Malekeph)~lest I cause to spoil, ruin~eHT
pN-yelH~814, 1018~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + adv.~lest he will send~elH
pTK~837~n. f. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.~(the) morsel of you--fragment, bit, morsel of bread~pTT
pejw~833~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~they rebelled~pej
pjlK~821~n. m.s. cstr. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.~the work of you--1. deed, thing done, (daily toil) specif. act~pjl
pleTyM~814~adj. gent. pl.~Philistines~ple
plny~811~Pron.~a certain one~plh
pny~815~n. mp. cstr~the faces of~pnh
prC~829~n. pr. m.~Peres--son of Judah and Tamar~prC
prT~832~n. pr. flum.~Euphrates--the greatest river of W. Asia~prT
prw~826~Qal imperative fruitful (of man and animals)~prh
pry-jC~781~n. m.s. + n. m.s. cstr.~fruit tree~jC
pry~826~n. m.s.~fruit of~prh
pyewN~810~n. pr.~Pishon~pyewN
qcyr-hEjryM~972, 895~n. + def. art. + n. m.s. cstr.~harvest of the barly~Ejr
qcyr~894~n. m. cstr.~the harvest of~qcr
qdmT~870~n. f. only cstr. (as prep.)~front, East (in front of, over against, i.e. fom standpoint of writer: really on geogr. grounds = W. of)~qdM
qly~885~n. m.~parched grain--a common food~qlh
qnh-lK~888~Qal Imu m.s. + prep. + pr. sf. 2 m.s.~you buy for you~qnh
qnhw~888~qal: pf.; pt., cs. sf.~owner, as purchaser~qnh
qnh~888~Qal Imu. m.s.~you acquire~qnh
qnyTy~888~Qal Pf.~acquire~qnh
qraN~895~Qal Imu.~you call~qra
qra~894~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~he called~qra
qrwbyM~898~adj.~near; abs.~qrb
qwlN~876~n. m. cstr. + sf.~the voice of them~qwl
raew~910~n. m.s. cstr. + sf~his head (head of him)~rae
rae~910~n. m.s.~head~rae
rbyjy~917~m. adj. num. ord.~fourth~rbj
rjb~944~n. m. abs.~hunger, a famine~rjb
rj~948~adj. m.s. (also, n. m.)~bad, evil~rjj
rkby~938~Qal Pt.~rider~rkb
rqyj~956~n. m.s. abs~firmament~rqj
rwT~946~pr. n. f.~Ruth--appearance, beauty, or friend.~rawT
rwmE~943~Qal Pt.~creeping thing~rmE
swrh~693~Qal pass Pt. f.~be turned aside~swr
tmah~380~n. f.s. abs.~uncleaness;--4....of meats~tma
trM~382~adv. of time~not yet, ere, before that (in an independent sentence, NOT YET, and all the plants of the field were not yet in the earth~trM
twbh~375~n. f.s. abs.~good~twb
wElmwN~969~n. pr. m. + conj.~and Salmon~Eml
wEmT~962~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + waw~and you will put--put something on person~EwM
wHcrwN~348~n. pr. m. + conj.~and Hezron~Hcr
wHeK~365~n. m. + conj~and darkness~HeK
wHmwr~331~n. m. + conj.~and (he)-ass~Hmr
wHyTw-arC~312~nf. cstr. old case ending (poetic) . + conj. + nf. s.~wild animals of the earth~Hyh
wHyTw~312~n. f. cstr. + conj.~unclean best of~Hyh
wHy~312~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw consec.~and will live~Hyh
wTEanh~670~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.~and they lifted up~nEa
wTEa~669~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she carried~nEa
wTEbj~959~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she was satisfied~Ebj
wTEnh~670~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.~and they lifted up~nEa
wTHbt~286~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she beat out (grain)--of small quantities;--distinct fr. threshing on open floor, with cattle~Hbt
wTHdl~293~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she ceased~Hdl
wTTN-lh~678~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she gave to her~nTN
wTTN~679~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw~and she gave~nTN
wTTr~451~Hiph. Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she caused to leave over--leave, leave over~yTr
wTaHz~28~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she grasped~aHz
wTakl_mN-hjC~37, 781~Qal Impf. 2 m.s. + waw convers.; and, n. m.s. + prep. + def. art.~and you ate from the tree~akl
wTakl~37~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw~and she ate~akl
wTamrnh-lh~55~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.; + prep. + sf~and they said to her~amr
wTamrnh~55~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.~and they said~amr
wTamr~55~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she said~amr
wTba~97~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she came, entered~bwa
wTbjr-bM~129~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers. + prep. + sf.~and it (she) burned, consumed~bjr
wTbkynh~113~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.~and they wept~bkh
wTbwa~~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she came~bwa
wTca~422~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she went~yca
wTdbq~179~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she kept close to = remain with, close to~dbq
wTeTHw~1005~Hitp. Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she bowed herself down--bow down, prostrate oneself in homage~eHh
wTeThw~1011~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and she lay him —lay child into bosom~eyT
wTear~984~Niph. Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she was left--1. be left behind; of widow.~ear
wTeb_aT-HmwTh~442, 327~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.; also, n. f. (only sf.) + pr. sf. 3 f.s. + prep.~and she remained with (the) mother-in-law of her (lit. her husband's mother)~yeb
wTeb~996~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she returned~ewb
wTekb~1012~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she laid down~ekb
wTeq~676~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she kissed~neq
wTgd-lh~616~Hiph. Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.; + prep. + sf.~and she informed to her~ngd
wTgd~616~Hiph. Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she informed~ngd
wTgl~163~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she uncovered~glh
wThM~243~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and they confused~hmM
wThy-eM~224, 1027~+ conj. + n. m.~and she became a name = byword~hyh
wThy-lw~224~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw. convers. + prep. + sf.~and she was to him~hyh
wThyynh~224~Qal Impf. 3 + waw~and they became~hyh
wThy~224~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. (short) + waw convers.~and it will be~hyh
wTjE~793~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she did~jEh
wTjgb~721~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw~and she had sensual desire for.--LUST after, only in fig. of relations of Samaria and Jerus. (personif.) with foreigners Ez; so c. acc. v 7; pt. as subst. PARAMOURS Je 4.20.~jgb
wTjmwd~763~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she stood (stand still, stop, be steadfast)~jmd
wTjzby~736~Qal Impf. 2 f.s. + waw convers.~and you left--leave undisturbed, let alone~jzb
wTlK~~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~And she went~hlK
wTld_bN~408, 119 ~Qal Impf. 3 f.s.; followed by, n. m.s.~and she bore a son~yld
wTldnh~408~Qal Impf. 3 fpl. + waw~and they bore~yld
wTlknh~229~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.~and they went~hlK
wTlky~229~Qal Impf. 2 f.s. + waw convers.~and you came~hlK
wTlqt~544~Piel Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she really gleaned~lqt
wTpl~656~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she fell = prostrate oneself before~npl
wTpqHnh~824~Niph. Impf. 3 + waw~and they were opened~pqH
wTqH_njmy~542, 654~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.; + n. pr. f.~and she, Naomi, took~lqH
wTqH~542~Pual Impf. 3 f.s. + waw~and she really took~lqH
wTqM~877~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~then she arose~qwM
wTqranh~894~Qal Impf. 3 they called~qra
wTrah~908~Niph. Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and it appeared~rah
wTra~906~Qal Impf. f.s. + waw~and she saw~rah
wTrd~432~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw convers.~and she went down~yrd
wTwca~424~Hiph. Impf. 3 f.s.+ waw convers.~and brought forth--produce, generate, bring into being~yca
wTzN~275~Qal Impf. 3 f.s. + waw~and she was faithless;--and Ohola committed fornication (whilst) under me~znh
wTznynh~275~Qal Impf. + waw~and they were harlots. 3. of intercourse with other deities,--considered as harlotry, sts. involving actual prostitution.~znh
waHba~285~Niph. Impf. 1 m.s. + waw convers.~and I hid myself~Hba
waHzy-bh~28~Qal Imu. f.s. + conj.; + prep. + sf~and you grasp it~aHz
waM-jeyr~49, 799~adj. et. n.~or rich~jer
waM-la~49, 518~hypoth. Pt. + conj. + adv.~and if not~la
waT-TznwTyh~276~n. f. abstr.; + mark of the accus. + conj.~and her fornication (These are all (in Ezekiel) international mingled with religious references.~znh
waT-amw~51~n. f.s. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + D.O. + conj.~and the mother of him~amM
waT-hbhmh~96~n. f. abs + art. + D.O. + conj.~and the beast, animal, cattle~bhM
waT-hmTyM~560~n. abs. + def. art. + prep. + conj.~and to the dead~mwT
waT-hmawr~22~nm. s. abs. + art. + D.O. + conj.~and the luminary~awr
waT-kl-hjC~781~n. m. coll. + art. + n. m. + D.O. + conj.~and all the trees~jC
waT_harC~75~n. f. + def. art. + conj.+ sign of the D.O.~and the earth~arC
waTh~61~pron. 2 m.s. + conj.~and you~anT
waT~~conj.+ sign of D.O.; also, conj. + prep.~and; also, and with~waT
wabN~6~n. f. abs. + conj.~and a precious stone~abN
wadM~9~n. m.s. + conj.~and man / Adam~adM
wadj~393~Qal Imperf. 1 c.s. + waw convers.~and I know~ydj
wad~15~n. m. + conj.~and a mist~awd
waeM~77~n. f. cstr. sf. + conj.~and the fire of them~ae
waeTw~61~n. f.s. cstr. + sf. + conj.~and the wife of him~ane + waw~and Oholiba (tent in her) of Jerusalem as adulterous wife of Yahweh~ahl
waklT~37~Qal Pf. 2 m.s. + waw consec.~and you will eat~akl
wakl_wHy~37, 312~Qal Pf. 3 m.s. + waw consec. + Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw consec.~and he will eat and will live~akl
wakl~37~Qal Impf. 1 s. + waw~and I ate~akl
wal-alhyh~43~n. + sf.; + prep. + conj.~and unto the god of her~alh
wal-ayeK~35, 39~n. m.s. + sf.; + prep. + conj.~and unto the husband of you~aye
wal-jpr~779~n.s. + prep. + conj.~and unto dust~jpr
walhyK~43~n. + conj. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.~and the God of you~alh
walh~43~demonstr. adj. c. + conj.~and these~zh
walqth~544~Piel Impf. 1 c. s. + waw~and glean~lqt
wal~~neg. + conj.~and not~al
wamK~51~n. f. + sf. + conj.~and the mother of you~amM
wanh~33~adv. + conj.~and whither? (with   `h   locale)~aN
wanky~59~pron. 1 s. comm. + conj.~and I~anky
wany~58~pron. 1 s. comm. + conj.~and I~any
warC~75~n. f.s.~and the earth, land~arC
waspTy~62~Qal Pf. 1 c.s. + waw consec.~and I will gather~asP
wawTh~84~mark of the accus. + sf. + conj.~and her~aT
waybh~33~n. f. + conj.~and enmity~ayb
wayra~431~Qal Impf. 1 m.s. + waw~and I was afraid~yra
wbEr_mbEry~142~n. m.s. abs. + conj.; and, n. m.s. cstr. + suff. 1 c.s. + prep.~and flesh from the flesh of me~bEr
wbaT~97~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + waw consec.~and you will go in~bwa
wbaer~81~Pt. of rel. + prep. + conj.~and in the where~aer
wbbhmh~96~n. f. abs. + prep. + def. art. + conj.~and over the cattle~bhM
wbhw~96~n. m. + conj.~and empty~bhw
wbjwP~~n. m. coll. + prep. + conj.~and over birds~jwP
wbjz~126~n. pr. m. + conj.~now Boaz~bjz
wbkl-Hyh~312~n. f. abs. + n. m. + prep. + conj.~and over all living things, animals~Hyh
wbkl-harC~75~n. f. + art. + n. m. + prep. + conj.~and over all the earth~arC
wbkl-hrmE_hrmE~943, 481~n. m. + prep. + conj. + n. m. coll. + art; and, vb. Qal Pt. + art.~and over all the creeping things that move about~rmE
wbkl-hrmS_hrmS~943, 481~n. m. + prep. + conj. + n. m. coll. + art.; and, Qal Pt. + art~and over all the creeping things that move about~
wbkl-hrmS~943~n. m. coll. + art. + n. m. + prep. + conj.~and over all the creeping things~
wbkl~481~n. m. + prep. + conj.~and over all~kll
wblylh~538~n. m.s. + def. art. + prep. + conj.~and in the night~lylh
wbnwTyh~123~n. cstr. + sf. 3 f.s. + conj.~and her daughters (daughters of her)~bT
wbnwT~123~n. + waw~daughters~bT
wbyN~107~subst. (prep.) + conj.~and between~byN
wbynK~107~prep. + sf. + conj.~and between you~byN
wcmT~854~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + waw consec.~and you will be thirsty~cma
wdbq~179~Qal Pf. 3 m.s. + waw consec.~and he will cling, cleave to, keep close--fig. of loyalty, affection etc., sts. with idea of physical proximity retained Gn 2.24~dbq
wdl~195~adj. + conj.~and poor, weak, low, thin--mostly subst., a poor (man), the poor Ex 23.3~dll
wdrdr~205~n. m. + conj.~and thistles~drr
weM-hnhr~625~n. m. + art. + n. m.s. cstr. + conj.~and name of the river~nhr
weM_aqbr~868, 1027~Niph. Impf. 1 c.s.; following, ad+ conj.~and there I will be buried~qbr
weM~1027~1. n. m.s. cstr. + conj. also, 2. adv. + conj.~1. and (the) name of; or, 2. there (thither)~eM
weTyT~1059~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.~and she drank~eTh
weTy~1041~n. cstr. + conj.~and the two of them~enyM
wedy~994~n. m. dei. + conj.~and the Almighty~edy
wekbTy~1012~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + waw consec.~and you will lie down~ekb
wekr~1016~n. m.; alw abs.~intoxicating drink, strong drink; (usu. along side of the word wine)~ekr
wekr~1016~n. m.; alw abs.~intoxicating drink, strong drink; (usu. along side of the word wine)~ekr
wemwTN~1027~n. cstr. + sf. + waw~and their names~eM
wemw~1027~n. s. cstr. + sf. + conj.~and the name of him~eM
wemyM~1029~n. + conj.~and heaven~emh
wenyM~1040~n. + conj.~and years~enh
weny~1041~adj. m. num. ord. + conj.~and two of~enh
wepwtyM~1048~n. + conj.~and judgements--judgement, act of judgment~ept
wgM~168~adv. + conj.~and also~gmM
wgalTyK~145~Qal Pf. 1 c.s. + pr. sf. 2 f.s. + waw consec.~and I will redeem you~gal
wglyT~163~Piel Pf. 2 f.s. + waw consec.~and you will uncover~glh
whM~~pers. pron. + conj.~and they~hwa
wharC~75~n. f. + def. art. + conj~and (now) the earth~arC
whazyny~24~denom. Hip. Imu. f.s. + waw~and give ear, listen~azN
wheqh~1052~Hiph. Pf. 3 m.s. + consec.~and it will cause to irrigate--ground: subj, mist~eqh
whjwP~733~n. m. coll. + def. art. + conj.~and the fowl, birds~jwP
whlkT~229~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + waw consec.~and you will walk~hlq
whmh~~pers. pr. + conj.~and they~hwa
whnHe~638~B. n. m.s. + art. + conj.~and the serpent~nHe
whnh-bjz~243, 126~Demonstr. Pt. cstr. + conj. + n. pr. m.~and behold (lo) Boaz~bjz
whnh-bjz~243, 126~demonstr. Pt. cstr. + conj. + n. pr. m.~and behold (lo), Boaz~bjz
whnh-twb~373~adj. + demonstr. adv. cstr. + conj.~and behold good~twb
whnhr~625~n. m. + def. art. + conj.~and the river~nhr
whnh~243~demonstr. adv. cstr. + conj.~and behold~hN
whrnK~248~n. m.s. + conj. + pron. suff. 2 f.s.~and your conception~hrh
whryT~247~Qal Pf. 2 f.s.+ consec.~but you will conceive~hrh
whwa~~pers. pr. 3 m.s. + conj.~and he~hwa
whya~~pers. pr. + conj.~and she~hwa
whyh~224~Qal Pf. 3 m.s. + waw consec.~and it will be--and grew; and it shall be; and he shall be~hyh
whyw~224~Qal Pf. 3 + waw consec.~and they will be~hyh
whyyTM~224~Qal Pf. 2 + waw~and you will become--and you should become~hyh
whzqnyM~278~adj. pl. abs. + def. art. + conj.~and the elders~zqN
wjC~781~n. m.s. + conj.~and tree~jC
wjEh-Hyl~793, 298~Qal Imu. cstr. m.s. + conj. + n. m.s. abs.~and you do, make (do) worthily, efficiently~jEh
wjTh~773~adv. of time + conj.~and now~jTh
wjbd~714~n. pr. m. + conj.~and Obed~jbd
wjd-jTh~773~adv. of time + prep. + conj.~and until now~jTh
wjl-hTmwrh~558~n. f.s. abs. + def. art. + prep. + conj.~and upon the exchanging--abstr. exchanging~mwr
wjmdy~~prep. + sf. + conj.~and with me~jM
wjmyndb~770~n. pr. m. + conj.~and Aminadab~jmM
wjpr~779~n. m.s. + conj. + def. art.~and dust~jpr
wjwP~733~nm. coll. + conj.~and fowl, birds~jwP
wjzbTM~737~Qal Pf. 2 + waw consec.~and you will leave--leave undisturbed, let alone~jzb
wkbeh~461~Qal Imperative pl. + suff. 3 f.s. + conj.~and subdue, dominate (the earth)~kbe
wkh~462~demonstr. adv. + conj.~and thus~kh
wkl-cbaM~839~n. + n. m. + conj.~and all the armies, hosts--of the entire creation~cba
wkl-hjM~481, 766~n. m. + def. art.; + n.m + conj.~and all of the people~jmM
wkl-jEb~793~n. m.s. + n. m. cstr. + conj.~and all herbage~jeb
wklTyh~483~n. + pr. sf. 3 f.s. + conj.~and the daughters-in-law of her~kll
wklah~521~n. pr. f. + prep. + conj.~and as Leah~lah
wklywN~479~pr. n. m. + conj.~and Chilion (wasting away)~klh
wkl~481~n. m. + conj.~and all~kll
wky~471~conj. + conj.~and that~ky
wlHeK~365~n. m.s. + def. art. + prep.~and to the darkness~HeK
wla-ykrT~504~Niph. Impf. 3 m.s. + neg. Pt. + conj~and not it will be cut off~krT
wladM~9~n. m.s. + prep. + conj.~and to Adam~adM
wlaeTw~61~n. f.s. + conj. + prep. + pr. suff. 3 m.s.~and for the wife of him~aeh
wla~518~adv. + conj.~and not~la
wleTwT~1059~Qal Inf. cstr. + prep. + conj.~and to dring~eTh
wlemrh~1036~Qal Inf. cstr. + prep. + pr. suff. 3 f.s. + conj.~and to keep, have charge of it~emr
wlhbdyl~95~Hiph. Inf. cstr. + prep. + conj.~and to cause to divide~bdl
wljwP~733~n. m. coll. cstr. + prep. + conj.~and (the) birds of~jwP
wlkl-HyT~312~n. f. cstr. + n. m. cstr. + prep. + conj.~and to every beast of~Hyh
wlkl-jwP~733~n. m. coll. cstr. + n. m. cstr. + prep. + conj.~and to every bird of~jwP
wlklkl~465~Pilp. Inf. cstr. + prep. + conj.~and to sustain, support, nourish~kwl
wlkl~481~n. m. cstr. + prep. + conj.~and to every~kll
wlmel~605~Qal Inf. cstr. + prep. + conj.~and to rule~mel
wlmqwh~876~n. m. cstr. + prep. + conj.~and to the collection of water~qwh
wlmwjdyM~417~n. + prep. + conj.~and for (sacred) season, set feast, appointed season~yjd
wlnjmy~654~pr. n. f. + prep. + conj.~And to Naomi~njM
wlqH~542~Qal Pf. 3 m.s. + waw consec.~and / but he will take~lqh
wlqth~544~Piel Pf. 3 f.s. + waw consec.~and she will glean~lqt
wlymyM~398~n. + prep. + conj.~and for days~ywM
wmHlwN~563~pr. n. m. + conj.~and Mahlon~mHlh
wmaT~86~dbl. prep. + conj.~and from proximity with~aT
wmayeh~35~n. m.s. + prep. + conj. + pr. sf. 3 f.s.~and from the husband of her~aye
wmcaN~592~Qal Imu. + conj.~and you find~mca
wmeM~1027~adv. + prep. + conj.~and from there~eM
wmejr~1048~n. m.s. + prep. + conj.~and from the gate~ejr
wmjC~781~n. m.s. cstr. + prep. + conj.~but from (the) tree of~jC
wmkl~577~conj. + prep. + n.~and from all~kl
wmlaw~570~Qal imperative + conj.~and fill (of populating sea and earth)~mla
wmnwH~629~n. pr. m. + conj.~and Manoah~nwH
wmpry~826~n. m.s. cstr. + prep. + conj.~but from the fruit of~prh
wmrahw~~Pt. / n. + conj. + sf.~and the appearance of him~rah
wmwrh~559~n. m. (alw in phrase) + conj.~and a razor~mwrh
wnHewN~638~n. pr. m. + conj.~and Nahashon~nHe
wnHmd~326~Niph. pass. Pt. + waw (verb noun)~and pleasing~Hmd
wnTN~678~Qal Pf. 3 m.s + waw consec.~and he will give~nTN
wngd~617~subst., always as adv. or prep. + conj.~and in front of~ngd
wnhr~625~n. m. abs. + conj.~and a river~nhr
wnpqHw~824~Niph. Pf. 3 + waw~they will be opened--the should be opened~pqh
wnqbh~666~n. f. alw. abs. + conj.~and woman (female)~nqb
wprET~831~Qal Pf. 2 m.s. + consec.~and you will spread--2. SPREAD covering over~prE
wqcyr~895~n. m.s. cstr. + conj.~and harvest of~qcr
wqra-eM~894, 1027~Qal Pf. 3 m.s. + consec. + n.m~and he will call name~qra
wqwC~881~n. m.s. + conj.~and thorns (loathesome thing)~qwC
wrHcT~934~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + waw convers.~and you will wash, intrans. bathe (oneself)~rHC
wrM~928~n. pr. m. + conj~and Ram--an ancestor of David~rwM
wraw~906~Qal Impf. 3 pl. + conj.~and look upon~rah
wrbw~915~Qal imperative + conj.~and multiply~rbh
wrdw~921~Qal imperative + conj.~and rule, have dominion~rdh
wrj~948~adj. m.s. + conj.~and evil~rjj
wrmE~943~n. m. coll. + conj. + def. art.~and the creeping things~rmE
wrwH~924~n. f. cstr.+ conj.~and the Spirit of~rwH
wrwT~946~pr. n. f. + conj.~and Ruth~rjh
wrwmmTy~926~Polel Pf. 1 s.~raise, rear children~rwM
wryqM~938~adv. + conj.~and emptily, vainly~ryq
wsgnyM~688~n. + waw~and rulers; PREFECTS of Assyr. and Bab.~sgN
wskT~~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + waw convers.~and you will anoint~swK
wtblT~371~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + waw consec.~you dip (bread in vinegar)~tbl
wtwb~373~adj. + conj.~and good~twb
wyEM~962~Qal Impf. juss. + waw convers.~and he put, set~EwM
wyEaw~669~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.~and they took~nEa
wyHrd~353~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he started up (out of sleep)~Hrd
wyHr~354~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and it was kindled (anger); and burned (of anger)~Hrh
wyTHba~285~Hith. Impf. 3 m.s. + waw~and he really caused himself to be hidden~Hba
wyTN~678~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he gave~nTN
wyTnM~678~Qal 3 m.s. + sf. + waw convers.~and he gave them~nTN
wyTprw~1074~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw~and they sewed together~Tpr
wyakl~37~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw~and he ate~akl
wyamrw~55~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.~and they said~amr
wyamr~55~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he said~amr
wybN~124~Qal Impf. juss. + waw convers.~and he built~bnh
wybah~98~Hiph. Impf. 3 m.s. + pr. suff 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he caused to come, bring, bring near her~bwa
wybaw~97~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.~Now they entered~bwa
wyba~98~Hiph. Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he caused to come, bring, bring near~bwa
wybdl~95~Hiph. short Impf. 3 m.s. + waw~and he caused to divide~bdl
wybrK~138~Piel Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he blessed (really blessed)~brK
wybra~135~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he created~bra
wycaw~422~Qal Impf. 3 pl. + waw convers.~and they shall go forth~yca
wycbt-lh~840~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers. + prep. + sf.~and he reached to her~cbt
wycmH~855~Hiph. Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~And he caused to grow~cmH
wycr~427~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he formed~ycr
wycw~845~Piel Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he really commanded--lay charge upon~cwh
wydjT~393~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + waw convers.~and you will know~ydj
wydjw~393~Qal Impf. 3 + waw~and they knew~ydj
wyeT_jlyh~1011, 752~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.; + Prep. + sf.~and he put upon her~eyT
wyeT~1059~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he drank~eTh
wyebT~991~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he rested~ebT
wyebw~442~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.~and they dwelt, sat~yeb
wyeb~442~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he remained~yeb
wyekN~1015~Hiph. Impf. 3 m.s. juss. + waw conv.~and he caused to let dwell; place; set~ekN
wyelHhw~1018~Piel Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers. + pron. suff. 3 m.s.~and he really sent him~elH
wyelP~1025~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he drew off~elP
wyemjw~1038~Qal Impf. 3 + waw~and they heard~emj
wyemj~1033~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he heard, hearkened~emj
wyepkw~1049~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.~and they poured out~epK
wyey~445~n. pr. m. + conj.~and Jesse~yey
wygre~176~Piel Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he really sent~gre
wyhwh~217~n. pr. dei. + conj.~and Yahweh~yhwh
wyhw~224~Qal Impf. juss. + waw convers.~and let be~hyh
wyhy-awr~224~Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers. + n. abs.~and there was light--Come into being, become:--abs., arise, appear, come; esp. of creative fiats Gn. 1.3 let light appear, and light appeared, cf. v. 5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31.~hyh
wyhy-bqr~224, 133~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers. + nm. s. abs.~and it was morning~hyh
wyhy-jrb~224, 787~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers. + nm. s. abs.~and it was evening~hyh
wyhy-kN~224, 485~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. cstr. + waw convers. + adv.~and so it came to pass~hyh
wyhy_mbdyl~224, 95~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.; also, Hiph. Act. Pt. s.m.~and it was caused to be divided~bdl
wyhyw-eM~224, 1027~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers. + adv.~and they were there, thither~hyh
wyhyw~224~Qal Impf. 3 + waw convers.~and they were~hyh
wyhy~224~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~(Gn. 1.3) and it was; (Ru. 3.3) and it shall be~hyh
wyjEw~793~Qal Impf. 3 + waw~and they made~jEh
wyjE~793~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he made~jEh
wyjN~772~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he answered~jnh
wyjTr~801~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he prayed~jTr
wyklw~478~Pual Impf. 3 + waw convers.~thus they were completed~klh
wykl~478~Piel Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he really completed~klh
wylK~230~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw conv.~and he went~hlK
wylbeM~528~Hiph. Impf. 3 m.s. + pr. suff. 3 m.s. + waw conv.~and he caused to clothe them~lbe
wyldT~~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + consec~and you will bear~yld
wylpT~542~Niph. Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~the man started up and twisted himself~lpT
wymT~559~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he died~mwT
wymd~551~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he measured~mdd
wymwTw~559~Pual Impf. 3 + waw convers.~and they really died~mwT
wynHhw~628~Hiph. Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers. + pr. suff. 3 m.s.~and he put him~nwH
wypH~656~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he breathed~npH
wypl~657~Hiph. Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he caused (deep sleep) to fall~npl
wyqH~542~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he took~lqH
wyqde~873~Piel Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he really consecrated~qde
wyqra~894~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he called~qra
wyqr~899~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and it befell~qrh
wyra~906~Qal short Impf. 3 m.s. / Niph. juss. + waw convers.~and he saw, and he appeared~rah
wyrdTy~432~Qal Pf. 2 f.s. + waw convers.~and you will go down to--(acc.) threshing floor~yrd
wyrdw~921~Qal Impf. + waw convers.~and have dominion, rule~rdh + conj.~and Jerusalem~yrwelM
wysgr~688~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he closed~sgr
wyspw~415~Hiph. Impf. 3 pl + waw convers.;--2. a. sq. Inf.~add to do = do again or more~ysP
wysr~693~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he turned aside~swr
wytj~642~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he planted--garden~ntj
wywrnw~435~Hiph. Impf. + waw convers.~5. direct, teach, instruct:...c. of God: c. double acc.~yrh
wyycr~427~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he formed--of divine activity: (as a potter) forming Adam~ycr
wyyeN~445~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he slept~yeN
wyytb~405~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + waw convers.~and he was glad~ytb
wzaT~256~pron. f. + conj.~and this~zh
wzhb~262~n. m.s. cstr.+ conj.~and (the) gold of~zhb
yEral~975~n. pr. m. et gent.~Israel~Erh
yHl~320~Hiph. Impf. 3 m.s.; c. inf.~shall begin~Hll
yHpC~342~Qal Impf. 3 m.s.~he will delight in--be pleased to do a thing~HpC (Yah hath strengthened)~Hzq
yTN~678~Qal Impf. 3 m.s.~he will give~nTN
yTbeew~102~Hithpo. Impf.~ashamed before one another~bwe
ybmTK~386~n. f.~thy husband's brother's wife--sister-in-law~ybM
ybrkK~138~Piel Impf. 3 m.s. + pr. sf. 2 m.s.~he will really bless you~brK
ybwa~97~Impf. 3 m.s.~he will come~bwa
yca~422~Qal Pt.~going forth~yca
ycmH~855~Qal Impf. 3 m.s.~it will sprout~cmH
ycr~427~Qal Pf. 3 m.s.~he formed~ycr
yd-yhwh~388~n. f.~the hand of Yahweh (hand, strength)~yd
ydjy~393~Qal Act. Pt. construct~knowing~ydj
ydj~393~Qal Act. Pt. (used as a verbal)~knowing; does know~ydj
ydw~388~n. f.s. xonstr. + pr. suff. 3 m.s.~(the) hand of him;--his hand~yd
ye-ly~441~subst. + prep. + sf.~there is to me~ye
yeabwN~980~Qal Impf. 3 mp.~they will draw~eab —son of Amos, the prophet (salvation of Yah)~yej
yekb-eM~1012, 1027~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. cstr. + adv.~he will lie down there~ekb
yelM~1022~Piel Impf. 3 m.s.~he really recompense--requite, recompense, reward~elM
yeqt~1052~Qal Impf. 3 m.s.~he will not be quiet~eqt
yercw~1056~Qal Impf. 3 will swarm, teem~erC
yewpK~1003~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + pr. suff. 2 m.s.~he will bruise your~ewP
ye~441~subst.~there is~ye
ygal~145~Qal Impf. 3 m.s.; also, juss.~he will redeem; let him redeem~gal
ygdlw~152~Qal Impf. 3 will grow up~gdl
ygyd~616~Hiph. Impf. 3 m.s.~he will cause to inform~ngd
yhwdh~397~n. terr~Judah~yhwdh
yhwh~217~n. pr. dei~Yahweh, the proper name of the God of Israel~hwh
yhyh~224~Qal Impf. 3 m.s.~it will be; Gn 2.5 and THERE WAS not yet in the earth any shrub of the field~hyh
yhy~224~Impf. juss.~let there be~hyh
yjEh~793~Qal Impf. 3 m.s.~he will do~jEh
yjlh~748~Qal Impf. 3 m.s.~it will come upon; it will go up, rise~jlh
yjwpP~733~Pol. Impf. 3 m.s.~they will fly about to and fro~jwP
yjzb-aye~737, 35~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. cstr. + n. m.s.~he, man, will leave--forsake (human subj. and obj.)~jzb
ykyr~648~Hiph. Impf. 3 m.s.~he will cause to recognize~nkr
yld-bN~409~Pual Pf. 3 m.s. cstr. + n. m.s.~was really born a son~yld
yldTw~408~Qal Pf. 3 f.s. + sf.~she has born him~yld
yldTy~408~Qal Pf. 1 c.s.~I brought forth~yld
yldT~~Qal Pf. 2 f.s.~you bore~yld
yldh~408~Qal Pf. 3 f.s.~she bore~yld
yldyh~409~n. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 f.s.~the sons of her~yld
ymel-bK~605~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + prep. + pr. suff. 2 f.s.~will rule over you~mel
ymy~398~n. constr.~the days of~ywM
ypgjw-bK~803~Qal Impf. 3 + prep. + pr. sf. 2 f.s.~they will fall upon you--encounter w/ hostility~pgj
ypl~656~Qal Impf. 3 m.s.~= fall out, turn out, result~npl
yprd~825~Niph. Impf. 3 m.s.~it will be divided, separated (instrans.) (of river dividing into branches)~prd
ypryd~825~Hiph. Impf. 3 m.s.~it will cause to divide~prd
yqra-lw~895~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + prep. + pr. suff~he will call them~qra
yqra~895~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. + prep. + pr. suff.~he will call--to them~qra
yqww~876~Niph. Impf. 3 will be collected~qwh
yrb~915~Qal Impf. juss.~let multiply~rbh
yrq~438~n. m.s. cstr.~green, greenness of~yrq
ysyP~415~Hiph~he will cause to add~ysP
ywM~398~n. m.s.~day~ywM
ywTM~~n. per.~Jotham~ywTM
ywdj~394~Hiph. short Impf. 3 m.s.~he will make known~ydj
ywebT~442~f. Pt.~the one sitting~yeb
yyN~406~n. m.s. abs.~wine~yyN
yytb-lK~405~Qal Impf. 3 m.s. cstr. + prep. + sf. 2 f.s.~it will be well for or with, go well with you~ytb
zh~260~demonstr. pron.; also, adv.~this (Ru. 2. 7--already)~zh
zkr~271~n. m. alw. abs.~male~zkr
znw~275~Qal pf.~have illicit intercourse~znh
zqnTy~278~stative verb. Qal Pf. 1 c. s.~I am old~zqN
zqny_jmy~278, 766~adj. pl. cstr.; also, n. m.s. cstr. + pr. sf. 1 c.s.~elders of the people of me~zqN
zqny~278~adj. pl. cstr.~elders of~zqN
zrh~279~Qal Pt.~fan, winnow~zrh
zrjK~282~n. m.s. constr. + pron. suff. 2 m.s.~the seed of you~zrh
zrj_zrj~281, 282~Qal Act. Pt.; and, n. m.s.~producing, yielding seed~zrj
zrjh~282~n. m.s. constr. + pron. suff. 3 f.s.~the seed of her~zrh
zrjw-bw~282~nm. s. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s. + prep. + sf. 3 m.s.~the seed of him in him;--seed of herbs and trees~zrj
zrjw~282~n. m.s. cstr. + pr. sf. 3 m.s.~the seed of him~zrj
zrj~282~n. m.s. / 281 Qal Act. Pt.~seed / producing, yielding seed~zrj
zwlTK~256~prep. + pr. sf. 2 m.s.~besides you--lit., with removal of~zwl
Ebj~be sated, satisfied
Ebr~wait, hope
Ejr~be hairy
Ekl~be prudent, give insight
Eml~(Ar. enclose, envelope; cloak)
Erh~vb. persist, exert oneself, persevere
EwM~put, place, set
EyH~bush, shrub, plant
Eyb~be hoary
Hbt~beat off, beat out
Hcr~(Ar. settle, dwell)
Hdq~press or thrust in
HeK~darkness, obscurity
Hll~pollute, defile, profane
Hlq~divide, share
HmC~be sour, leavened
Hmd~desire, take pleasure in
Hme~(mng unknown)
Hmh~(cf. Ar. protect, guard, As. surround, guard; Eth. contract, affinity, be joined by affinity)
Hmr~vb. be red
HnN~shew favour, be gracious
Hnh~decline, bend down, encamp
Hnt~spice, make spicy, embalm
HpC~delight in
Hrb~attack, smite down
Hrd~tremble be terrified
Hrh~burn, be kindled, of anger
Hsd~be good, kind
Hsh~(mostly poetic and fig.) seek refuge
Hwl~(sand, land-dunes); also, be firm strong
Hwq~(As. embrace; Ar. ring, width of desert, of well, of vulva, wide; comp. also Eth. shore of sea.; fr. surrounding)
Hyh~living thing, animal
Hzh~vb. (almost wholly poet.) see, behold
Hzq~vb. be or grow firm, strong, strengthen
THT~under, beneath
Tanh~fig tree
ThwM~primaeval ocean, deep
TklT~purple wool
Tlj~(perhaps gnaw)
Tmwl~yesterday, fig. recently, formerly
TnN~lament, howl
Tpr~sew together
aHh~(assumed stem) prop. surround, protect; side, belong together, suggested connections with family, clan
aHr~to remain behind, tarry, delay
aN~adv. where? or whither?
aT~(as sign of the D.O.) not translated; (or pers. pr.)--you
abs~vb. feed, fatten
adMh~ground, land
adM~man, mankind, earth
aer~which, that
aewr~Asshur, Assyria
ae~n. fire
alymlK~God is king
al~unto (as prep); not (as adv. of negation)
amC~vb. be stout, strong, bold, alert
amN~confirm, support
amh~maid, handmaid
anN~vb. only Hithpo. complain, murmur
anP~be angry
ane~soft, delicate
any~I (pronoun)
apr~(enclose, envelope)
asP~gather, remove
awd~(deriv. dub) be bent, curved, burden
awh~sign, mark, describe with a mark
ayK~adv. How? or How!
ayN~there is not; also, adv. whence?
ayb~to be hostile
aye~man; husband
ayph~ephah, a grain-measure = ten omers
azN~(pointed, sharp? cf. Eth. edge, corner, peak, pinnacle)
az~adv. at that time, then, whether expressing duration, or inception (=thereupon)
bEr~n. skin, flesh; vb. bear tidings
bHwr~young man
bTl~(sever, separate).
bdd~be separate, isolated
bdl~divide, distinguish
bhM~(cmp. Ar. shut; Eth. be dumb)
bjl~vb. marry, rule over
nba~vb. denom. prophesy
bjr~burn, consume
bkh~weep, bewail
brK~kneel, bless
bra~shape, create
btN~belly, body, womb
bwa~come in, come, go in, go
bwe~be ashamed
byN~between; also, vb. consider
cbT~(ck. of foll: NH bind, unite; As. grasp, join)
cba~wage war, serve
cbt~reach, hold out to (Eth. grasp firmly)
cdd~(ck. Ar. turn away, shun, alienate)
clM~image, likeness, of resemblance
clj~rib, side
cmH~sprout, spring up
cma~be thirsty
cwh~lay charge (upon), give charge (to), charge, command, order
dbq~cling, cleave, keep close
dd~breast, teat, nipple
dea~sprout, shoot, grow green
dgh~multiply, increase
dll~hand, be low, languish
dmh~be like, resemble
drK~tread, march
dra~(cf. Ar. repel)
drr~stream, flow abundantly
dwd~(perh. caressing word)
eHT~go to ruin
eHh~bow down
eM~as n. name; adv. there
eab~draw (water)
eal~ask, inquire
ear~to be left, to remain
ebT~cease, desist, rest
ebl~(Ar. cause to hang down, flowing dress)
ehM~a gem
ejr~be hairy; also, (Ar. break, break off, through, gap, opening;...NH gate)
ekN~settle down, abide, dwell
ekb~lie down
ekr~become drunk
elM~be complete, sound
elP~vb. draw out, off
ele~do a third time
ell~draw out
emh~heaven, sky
emr~keep, watch, preserve
enh~I. change; or, II. repeat, do again
epK~pour out, pour
ept~judge, govern
eqh~cause to drink water, give to drink
eqt~be quiet, undisturbed
erC~swarm, teem
ewP~grind away, crush
ewb~turn back, return
ewq~affection, desire
ewr~I. vb. perh. travel, journey II. vb. behold, regard III. (Ar. is become raised, excited, leap, spring.)
eyT~set, put
gHN~curve, bend
gal~redeem, act as kinsman
gal~redeem, act as kinsman
gbr~be strong, mighty
glh~uncover, remove
gll~(be great in rank or dignity (often of God)).
grN~grind grain vehemently; what one has ground, of grain; & place in which dates are dried
gre~drive out, cast out
gyH~burst forth
hN~lo! behold!
hdr~vb. swell (?), honour, adorn.
hlK~go, come, walk
hlM~adv. of place, hither
hlq~go, come, walk
hmM~make a noise, move noisily, confuse, discomfit
hpK~turn, overturn
hrg~kill, slay
hrh~conceive, become pregnant
hwy~Ah, Alas, Ha.
hyh~to be, fall out, come to pass
h~shall I
jEb~herb, herbage
jEh~do, make; vb. Piel press, squeeze
jEr~appar. gather, unite cf. Ar. kinsman, tribe, assembly; hence ten = collection, union; also, be or become rich (cf Ar. abound with herbage, abundance, or herbage, goods, etc.)
jTr~pray, supplicate
jbd~work, serve
jbr~pass over, through, by
jcM~be vast, mighty, numerous (make strong)
jcb~hurt, pain, grieve
jdN~luxury, dainty, delight
jeb~herb, herbage
jer~appar. gather, unite. cf. Ar. kinsman, tribe, assembly; hence ten = collection, union; also, be or become rich (cf. Ar. abound with herbage, abundance, of herbage, goods, etc.)
jgN~shut oneself in, or off
jgb~be after ( (erotically); have inordinate affection, lust
jlh~vb. ascend, come upon; also, n. leafage
jmM~(root of--be comprehensive, company)
jmd~take one’s stand, stand
jmr~(mng. dub., perh. related to Ar. be abundant (of water), surpass, overtop)
jnh~answer, respond
jqb~heel, footprint, hinderpart
jrM~Niph. be reaped up
jrb~(sun)set, evening
jrh~be naked, bare
jrwM~to be shrewd, crafty
jwd~prob. return, go about, repeat, do again; also, vb. denom.--bear witness
jyr~city, town
jzb~leave, forsake, loose
jzr~help, succour
jzz~be strong
kN~thus, so
kbe~subdue, bring into bondage
kbh~be quenched, extinguished
kh~demonstr. adv. thus, here
klM~Niph. Hoph. be humiliated; humiliate
klh~be complete, at an end, finished, accomplished, spent
kll~I. complete, perfect. II (assumed as root of--closed bridal chamber, etc., but dubious)
kly~article, utensil, vessel
kl~the whole, all
knP~(mng dubious)
krT~cut off, cut down
ksh~(prob.) bind; fetter
kwl~comprehend, contain
lHM~use as food
laK~(root of) send, messenger; occupation, work
lah~be weary, impatient
lbb~(mng. dub.)
lbe~put on (a garment), wear, clothe, be clothed
lhN~on this account, therefore
lht~blaze up, flame
lpT~twist, turn, grasp with a twisting motion
lqh~to pick up and take with you
lqt~pick, or gather up, specif. glean
lwN~lodge, pass the night, fig. abide
lwt~wrap closely, tightly, enwrap
l~to, for, in regard to
mad~be many
mca~attain to, find
mcryM~Egypt, Egyptians
mel~to rule
mh~what? how? aught
mjK~vb. press, squeeze
mjh~internal organs, inward parts; womb
mjt~be or become small, diminished, few
mlK~as root (mng. dub.)
mla~be full, fill
mlq~nip, nip off
mtr~vb. denom. rain
myN~(meaning dubious)
my~water (noun) / who? (pronoun)
m~(also,   `mN-  ) FROM
nEa~trick; or, lift, carry, take
nHM~Niph. be sorry, console oneself
nHe~to hiss
nHl~(cf. Ar. give for one’s own; hence orig. gift)
nTN~give, put, set
na~I (we) pray, now
ncb~take one’s stand
ncr~n. m. that which is foreign, foreignness
nea~trick; or, lift, carry, take
ngd~be conspicuous
nge~draw near, approach
nhr~flow, stream
njM~to be pleasant, lovely
njl~bar, bolt, lock
njr~boy, lad, youth
nkr~regard, recognize
npH~breathe, blow
npl~fall, lie
nzr~dedicate, consecrate, separate
pHh~governor (a rather vague title)
pTT~break up, crumble
pej~vb. rebel, transgress
pgj~meet, encounter, reach
pgr~vb. Pi. be exhausted, faint
pjM~thrust, impel
pjl~do, make
ple~act of mourning
plh~be separated, distinct
pqd~attend to, visit, muster, appoint
pqh~to pull apart
prC~break through
prE~spread out, spread (As. fly (der. spec; prop. spread [wings]))
prh~bear fruit, be fruitful
pry~n.m. fruit
qbr~(Ph. bury, tomb)
qch~cut off
qcr~reap, harvest
qdM~be before, in front of
qde~set apart as sacred, consecrate, dedicate
qlh~roast, parch
qnh~get, acquire
qrb~come near, approach
qrh~encounter, meet, befall
qtN~be small, insignificant
qwC~cut off
qwM~arise, stand up, stand
qwh~be collected
qwl~sound, voice
rHC~wash, wash off, away; bathe
rHl~(mng ? ewe) daughter of Laban and wife of Jacob
rbh~be or become much, many, great
rbj~squared, square
rdM~be in, or fall into, heavy sleep
rdh~have dominion, rule, dominate, chastise
rjb~be hungry
rjh~vb. denom. Pi. be a special friend
rjj~orig. mng. dubious
rj~evil, distress, misery
rkb~mount and ride, ride
rmE~creep, move lightly, move about
rqyj~extended surface, (solid expanse), firmament
rwM~be high, exalted, rise
rwT~Ruth (friendship)
ryb~vb. strive, contend
ryq~(Hiph.) make empty, empty out, in empty condition, empty
sbb~turn about, go around, surround
sgN~prefect, ruler
sgr~shut, close
swr~turn aside
tma~be or become unclean
tpH~extend, spread
trM~not yet
yHd~be united
yTr~remain over
ybM~(meaning dubious)
ybe~be dry, dried up
yca~go or come out
ycr~form, fashion
yeb~sit, remain, dwell
yej~deliver, save
yey~Jesse —father of David
ye~being, substance
yhwh~Yahweh, the proper name of the God of Israel
ykl~be able, have power, prevail, endure
yld~bear, bring forth, beget
yrd~come or go down, descend
yrh~throw, shoot
yrq~green, greenness
ytb~be good, well, glad, pleasing
yzj~to drip, drop
zkr~call upon in worship
znh~commit fornication, be a harlot
zqN~old (bearded chin of a man)
zrj~sow, scatter seed
zwl~remove, depart