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Modern Reader’s Middle English Bible of the 1530’s
William Tyndale’s Translation for the N. T. & Pentateuch; Matthew’s Bible for the remaining O. T. Volumes.
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This have I said (most dear reader) to warn you, lest you should be deceived, and should not only read the scriptures in vain and to no profit, but also unto your greater damnation. For the nature of God’s word is, that whosoever read it or hear it reasoned and disputed before him, it will begin immediately to make him every day better and better, til he be grown into a perfect man in the knowledge of Christ and love of the law of God: or else make him worse and worse, til he be hardened that he openly resist the Spirit of God, and then blaspheme, after the example of Pharaoh, Coza, Abiram, Balaam, Judas, Simon Magus and such others. — William Tyndale, Prolog to the New Testament

To the memory of C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Bunyan & William Tyndale this effort is affectionately dedicated.
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